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Anti-Israel Activist “Crackhead Barney” Harasses Quentin Tarantino in NYC Restaurant

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Anti-Israel Activist “Crackhead Barney” Harasses Quentin Tarantino in NYC Restaurant

Edited by: Fern Sidman

In an incident that has sparked widespread controversy, anti-Israel activist and performance artist “Crackhead Barney” accosted renowned film director Quentin Tarantino while he was dining at Che Li restaurant on St. Marks Place in New York City, according to a report published in The New York Post.  The confrontation, captured on video and posted to Barney’s Instagram account, showcases a disturbing blend of anti-Israel activism and personal harassment.

The video begins with Barney, scantily clad in a bikini top and a yellow plaid skirt, storming into the restaurant where Tarantino was seated alone, enjoying his meal. The report in The Post indicated that her entrance was abrupt and aggressive as she shouts, “Quentin Tarantino! Why are you a Zionist piece of s–t?” Tarantino, known for his cool demeanor, responds with a smirk and folds his arms, indicating his awareness of the provocative nature of the encounter.

Despite attempts by the restaurant staff to eject her, Barney persisted, pressing Tarantino about his alleged Zionist views and questioning if he plans to visit Israel. According to The Post report, the intensity of her accusations and the chaos she created highlight the confrontational tactics often employed by fringe activists to gain attention and provoke responses from high-profile individuals.

As the video cuts, it shows Tarantino exiting the restaurant and descending the stairs, only to be met by a vociferous crowd outside. The protesters, seemingly in league with Barney, continue to heckle and harass him. As per The Post report, Barney maintained her erratic behavior and repeatedly urged Tarantino to use a racial epithet, a nod to the controversial use of the n-word in his films.

Throughout the ordeal, Tarantino remained remarkably composed, calmly advising onlookers to “watch out” as he navigates through the throng towards his waiting limousine. The Post report noted that his driver stepped in, providing a protective barrier as he escorted Tarantino to the vehicle, calling attention to the potentially dangerous escalation of such confrontations. Adding to the surreal nature of the scene, Barney and her companions placed their feet on Tarantino’s car window, chanting “toes” repeatedly before he managed to drive away.

The restaurant has not yet commented on the incident, and it remains unclear how they will address the disruption caused by Barney and her entourage.

Tarantino, as a public figure with a storied career in filmmaking, has frequently found himself at the center of controversy. His films, which often feature graphic violence and provocative language, have both been lauded for their artistic merit and criticized for their perceived insensitivity, The Post report said. In this instance, however, he appears to be targeted not for his work but for his supposed political views, reflecting a troubling trend where personal harassment is employed as a tool of anti-Israel activism.

The video of the incident has circulated widely, sparking a range of reactions. Supporters of Barney applaud her audacity and commitment to the Palestinian cause, viewing her actions as a necessary disruption of the status quo. Critics, however, decry the harassment as counterproductive and indicative of a broader issue of incivility and intolerance in public discourse.

Quentin Tarantino’s association with Israel extends beyond the accusations hurled at him by Barney. The “Reservoir Dogs” director, 61, is married to Daniella Pick, an Israeli singer and the daughter of iconic Israeli pop musician Svika Pick, as was affirmed in The Post report. The couple resides in Tel Aviv with their two children, a fact that has evidently made Tarantino a target for Jew haters such as Barney.

In a 2021 interview with Bill Maher, Tarantino expressed his admiration for Israel, describing the people as “very nice” and comparing Tel Aviv to a smaller version of Los Angeles. Indicated in The Post report was that despite his positive remarks about the country, he made it clear that he would not make a film about the political climate in Israel.

Tarantino’s connection to Israel was further solidified when he received an honorary doctorate from Jerusalem’s prestigious Hebrew University, recognizing his illustrious career and new life in the Jewish nation. His involvement in Israel is not just symbolic; following the tragic Hamas attack on October 7, 2023, which left around 1,200 Israelis dead, Tarantino visited a military base in southern Israel, according to the information provided in The Post report. There, he met with Israeli Defense Force troops, took selfies, and helped raise morale, demonstrating his support for the nation during a time of crisis.

Stand With Us, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating anti-Semitism, highlighted Tarantino’s trip on social media. “Legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino showed his solidarity with the Israeli people by making a surprise visit to southern Israel, which has been completely devastated by Hamas’ ongoing terror war,” the organization stated, as was reported by The Post.  Despite attempts by The Post to reach Tarantino for comment, he has remained silent on the incident.

“Crackhead Barney,” whose real name and age remain unknown, has a history of provocative activism. According to The Post report, she has made headlines for her confrontational tactics, including a recent incident where she harassed actor Alec Baldwin with a pro-Hamas tirade in a NYC coffee shop. Barney has been engaging in similar antics across the country for over a decade.

Since the recent conflict erupted in Gaza, Barney has intensified her activities, frequently antagonizing Israel supporters at rallies. The Post report also said that she has gone so far as to taunt Jewish demonstrators, cruelly suggesting that the hostages held by Hamas are as good as dead.

This incident is a microcosm of the increasingly hostile and polarized atmosphere surrounding discussions of the war that Hamas terrorists launched on Israel on October 7th.  Barney’s aggressive tactics and profane performance art are emblematic of a radical segment of activists who eschew traditional forms of protest in favor of shock value and direct confrontation. While such methods can draw attention to their cause, they often undermine the possibility of constructive dialogue and alienate potential allies.


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