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Pro-Israel Student Leaders Unite in Israel to Address Campus Challenges

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Pro-Israel Student Leaders Unite in Israel to Address Campus Challenges

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Amidst ongoing unrest on university campuses across North America, a coalition of pro-Israel student leaders from various prominent institutions has convened in Israel for a pivotal initiative titled “Take Action for Israel.”

Today marks the arrival of the third and final group of the mission this Summer, comprising two dozen students representing universities like UCLA, Rutgers, Michigan, Columbia, Ohio State, Syracuse, and more. The mission, sponsored by Hasbara Fellowships and IsraelAmbassadors.com, aims to foster proactive engagement and an understanding of the situation on the ground in Israel.

Throughout their visit, the student leaders will interface with key Israeli figures, gain firsthand insights into recent events, including the October 7th atrocities, and connect with affected communities, including those along the Southern border. By immersing themselves in these experiences, they hope to craft effective strategies for combating anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment back on their respective campuses.

The delegation was warmly received by Member of Israel’s Knesset and former UN Ambassador, Danny Danon. MK Danon commended the students for their dedication to Israel’s cause and stressed the significance of their advocacy efforts. He said to the students: “You have shown tremendous dedication to advocating for Israel’s cause. Your advocacy efforts are of great significance, and I commend you for your important work both here in Israel and upon your return to the US.”

Reflecting on the urgency of their mission, Emmy Rubin from McGill University, expressed concern for the dehumanization tactics she experienced on campus and emphasized the importance of dispelling misinformation and taking action: “I’ve experienced hundreds of people walking through the main parts of campus chanting intifada revolution, witnessed masked individuals screaming in megaphones about Israel’s systematic rape, torture, and murder of Palestinian women, and I’ve had my poetry class pause regular curriculum to study poetry that martyrizes Palestinian prisoners and vilifies Israelis. The worst of all the hate on campus is the silencing of our voices. That is why I created a pro Israel student newspaper on all Montreal post secondary campuses that will allow Jews and all lovers of Israel to be heard and to feel like they matter.”

Saul Hakim from Binghamton University underscored the need to take action against anti-Semitic rhetoric: “On our campus, we have experienced various forms of anti-Semitism, including an encampment, a BDS resolution, several protests with anti-Semitic language inciting violence, swastikas drawn on campus, along with other hate speech and actions. In response, I organized memorial services and vigils, educational seminars, and fundraisers that raised tens of thousands of dollars. I also set up awareness installations, spearheaded the Say NO! to the BDS coalition, and reaffirmed the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism in our student government. We cannot stand back and ignore the threats of anti-Semitism. We must continue to be proactive and act.”

This collaborative endeavor underscores the resilience and determination of Jewish student leaders amidst adversity. By uniting in Israel, they send a resounding message of solidarity, and commitment to understanding and speaking out about the reality on the ground.

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