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74-Year Old Man Targeted in Anti-Semitic Attack on the Upper West Side

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74-Year Old Man Targeted in Anti-Semitic Attack on the Upper West Side

Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a disturbing and hateful incident that has sent shockwaves through the community, a 74-year-old Jewish man was the target of an anti-Semitic attack on the Upper West Side of New York City. According to a report that appeared on Monday in The New York Post, the assault, which took place on Amsterdam Avenue near West 86th Street, was captured on video and has since gone viral, drawing widespread condemnation and calls for justice.

The incident occurred on a typically peaceful Sunday, but the tranquility of the day was shattered when an aggressive individual launched an unprovoked attack on an elderly man wearing a yarmulke. As was reported by The Post, the video, which begins mid-confrontation, shows the attacker charging towards the victim. Despite the lack of footage showing the lead-up to the altercation, the visible aggression and intent are unmistakable.
As the elderly man attempts to distance himself, telling the aggressor to “get the hell away from me,” a bystander intervenes, trying to de-escalate the situation by positioning himself between the attacker and the victim, as per The Post report.  However, the aggressor, undeterred and with a cast on his right hand, maneuvers around the bystander and spits on the elderly man. He continues to spit in the direction of the victim while retreating, as several witnesses react with outrage. The report said that he also shouted “Free Palestine” during the attack, adding a disturbing dimension to the attack, suggesting a political motive behind the harassment.
“How are you freeing Palestine right now? All you’re doing is harassing people,” one of the bystanders retorts, pointing out the senselessness of the attacker’s actions, as was indicated in The Post report. The video concludes with the anti-Semite walking off down Amsterdam Avenue, still under the vocal condemnation of the surrounding crowd.
The response from the bystanders was swift and unequivocal. A group of New Yorkers quickly surrounded the assailant, vocally expressing their disgust and urging him to leave the area. “You’re a loser. Get out of here,” one bystander shouted, the report in The Post said. Others echoed similar sentiments, reinforcing the community’s rejection of such hateful behavior. “Get out of this neighborhood,” demanded one man, while a woman emphatically told the bigot to “F–k off.” Another woman, walking towards the man, asserted, “Get out. No one wants you here.”
One of the witnesses, attempting to deter the attacker, warns him that he would call the police.
This collective stand against hate reflects the Upper West Side’s strong community spirit and its commitment to protecting its members from bigotry and violence. The immediate and vocal support for the victim underscores the neighborhood’s solidarity and zero tolerance for anti-Semitism.
The group “Stop Anti-Semitism,” which shared the video on X, claimed that the man had been tearing down posters of kidnapped Israelis prior to the confrontation, The Post reported.  However, this allegation has not been confirmed by the police.
The NYPD reported that it received a harassment complaint on Monday, detailing that the unidentified attacker spat on the 74-year-old man around 4 p.m. on Sunday at the Upper West Side intersection. While no injuries were reported, the incident is being taken seriously given its hateful nature. As of now, no arrests have been made, and the attacker remains unidentified.
This incident is a chilling reminder of the persistent and insidious nature of anti-Semitism. It underscores the disturbing trend where political conflicts are used to justify personal attacks against innocent individuals. The attack on the elderly Jewish man is not an isolated event but part of a broader pattern of rising anti-Semitic incidents globally.
The verbal exchanges during the attack reveal the irrational and harmful conflation of political activism with personal violence. The attacker’s invocation of “Free Palestine” while committing an act of harassment illustrates how political slogans can be misappropriated to justify hate crimes.



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