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The Battle for Southern Bklyn: Joey Cohen Saban & the Pro-Israel Party

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In the politically charged atmosphere of southern Brooklyn, a new and intriguing development is unfolding as the 2024 state Assembly race heats up. Joey Cohen Saban, a Democrat with deep roots in the community, is mounting a formidable challenge to first-term Republican incumbent Michael Novakhov, according to the information in a recently published report in the New York Post. In an innovative and bold move, Saban is not only running on the Democratic Party ticket but is also seeking to introduce a new ballot line called the “Pro-Israel Party.”

Saban’s decision to file petitions for the Pro-Israel Party is a strategic attempt to capture the significant pro-Israel sentiment within the 45th Assembly District. The district, known for its substantial Jewish population, has demonstrated strong support for Israel. The Post report said that Saban believes this additional ballot line will provide a unique avenue for voters to express their solidarity with Israel while voting for a candidate who aligns with their views on this critical issue.

“The line would provide a way for people to show support for Israel, to get the attention it deserves,” Saban told The Post. “There’s tremendous support for Israel in the district.”

Joey Cohen Saban, 31, is a Brooklyn native and first-generation American Sephardic Jew. He currently works in his family’s real estate firm and has a strong personal and cultural connection to the community he hopes to represent, as per The Post report. His background and identity resonate deeply with many voters in the district, who share similar cultural and religious ties.

Michael Novakhov, on the other hand, has been a polarizing figure. Originally a Democrat, Novakhov switched to the Republican Party and has garnered support by aligning with conservative values. However, The Post report indicated that his past political donations and affiliations, such as contributing to democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, have drawn criticism from Saban and others who view Sanders as a critic of Israel.

Saban has been vocal about his disapproval of Novakhov’s political maneuvers, likening him to the controversial figure George Santos, who infamously switched political allegiances and was expelled from the House over allegations of lying and fraud, The Post report said. Saban’s comparison aims to underscore what he perceives as Novakhov’s political opportunism and inconsistency.

“Novakhov has supported people who are anti-Israel — it crosses the line,” Saban asserted, highlighting his opponent’s contributions to Sanders. By drawing these distinctions, Saban seeks to paint Novakhov as a candidate whose actions are at odds with the pro-Israel values of many district voters.

Saban’s initiative to introduce the Pro-Israel Party has not gone unchallenged. Novakhov and his allies are pushing back against the move, likely viewing it as a significant threat to their electoral prospects, as was indicated in The Post report. The introduction of a new ballot line could potentially siphon votes away from Novakhov, making the race even more competitive.

Despite these challenges, Saban remains steadfast in his belief that the Pro-Israel Party transcends traditional political divisions. He argues that the new ballot line is not merely a political tactic but a genuine effort to give voice to the district’s strong pro-Israel sentiment.

“This Pro-Israel ballot line transcends politics,” Saban added, emphasizing his view that support for Israel should be a unifying factor rather than a divisive one.

The introduction of the Pro-Israel Party could have significant implications for the outcome of the race.

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