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UPenn Student from Wealthy Family Cries ”Homelessness”  After Being Thrown Out of Anti-Israel Encampment

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UPenn Student from Wealthy Family Cries ”Homelessness”  After Being Thrown Out of Anti-Israel Encampment

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In a situation that has garnered significant media attention and sparked widespread debate, Eliana Atienza, a University of Pennsylvania student, claimed she was left “homeless” after being kicked off campus for participating in an anti-Israel encampment, according to a report that appeared on Wednesday in The New York Post. However, a closer examination of her background reveals a stark contrast between her public claims and her private reality.

Eliana Atienza, 19, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that she had no one to turn to for help in the United States after being removed from the university’s campus in early May. Indicated in The Post report was that according to Atienza, the administration’s actions left her stranded and destitute, painting a picture of a vulnerable student abandoned in a foreign country.

Contrary to the narrative of hardship and homelessness, Eliana Atienza hails from a wealthy and prominent Filipino family. Her father, Kim Atienza, is a well-known media personality in the Philippines, famous for showcasing his extravagant lifestyle on social media, as was noted in the information contained in The Post report.  Her mother, Felicia Atienza, is a successful businesswoman, a Wharton School graduate, and has served as president and CEO of several international schools.

The Atienza family’s social media presence is replete with images of luxury and opulence. Their posts display an extensive motorcycle collection, first-class flights complete with private showers and caviar service, and interactions with celebrities, as was detailed in The Post report. This affluent background starkly contrasts with Eliana’s claims of being left “homeless” and without support.

Despite Eliana Atienza’s assertions of destitution, her social media posts tell a different story. She recently documented a trip to Antarctica and has shared images from travels to various high-end destinations, including Alaska and Paris, the Post report revealed. This lifestyle is inconsistent with the image of a student left with nowhere to turn.

In an interview with KYW Newsradio, Atienza reiterated her claim that University of Pennsylvania administrators left her out on the street with no support network, the report in The Post said.

On May 9, 2024, Eliana Atienza, along with five other students, was suspended from the University of Pennsylvania for her involvement in anti-Israel encampment on campus. The Post reported that this protest aimed to highlight opposition to Israel and its actions against Hamas following the deadly October 7 terror attack. The encampment, which occupied a campus green, was dismantled by police the following day.

Atienza claimed she was left with nowhere to go, stating, “I don’t have any family to go back home to here.” This statement painted a picture of a vulnerable student abandoned in a foreign land. However, the reality of her situation is far more complex.

The protest that led to Atienza’s suspension was centered around calls for the university to divest from investments connected to Israel. Atienza participated in negotiations with school administrators, but these efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. The report in The Post said that the protest was part of a broader movement, with Atienza also being involved in Fossil Free Penn, an organization advocating for the university to divest from fossil fuel companies. The Post noted that this group co-signed a letter supporting Palestinians fighting against the Israeli occupation, which was published shortly after the October 7 attack.

The disparity between Atienza’s public narrative and her private reality illustrates how narratives can be constructed to elicit sympathy or support. This case serves as a reminder to critically assess public statements and understand the full context.


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