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Saudi Arabia takes action against Israel defamers online

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(A7) Saudi Arabia initiated a wave of arrests of citizens who incited against Israel on social networks amid the Gaza war, according to Bloomberg.

According to the report, this marks another step by the kingdom, indicating readiness to agree to normalization between the states. However, such a normalization move will be contingent upon Israel’s agreement to commit to promoting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Arrests for expressions on the internet are not rare in Saudi, but the current wave of arrests is exceptional, as it directs many efforts to prevent incitement against Israel.

A security official in the country noted that the Saudis are concerned about rebellions in their territory in the context of increased incitement against Israel while discussions on normalization are underway.

American officials claimed that the Saudi arrests are related to the discussions between Riyadh and Washington regarding a significant move involving a defense alliance and also the approval for Saudi Arabia to operate a civilian nuclear program – part of which includes normalization with Israel.

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