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Maniac with Flaming Liquid Attacks NYC Subway Rider; 30% of Victim’s Body Severely Burned

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Maniac with Flaming Liquid Attacks NYC Subway Rider; 30% of Victim’s Body Severely Burned

Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a harrowing incident on the New York City subway, Petrit Alijaj, 23, demonstrated extraordinary bravery when he shielded his fiancée from a sudden and brutal attack involving flaming liquid. Alijaj, currently hospitalized, recounted the traumatic event to the New York Post from his bed at New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for severe burns.

The shocking attack occurred on Saturday as Alijaj, his fiancée, and his cousin were traveling on the No. 1 train en route to visit the Statue of Liberty. According to The Post report, it was around 2:45 p.m. when the train pulled into the Varick Street station in lower Manhattan. The tranquility of their afternoon was shattered by the entrance of Nile Taylor, a 49-year-old man who boarded the train holding a cup filled with an unknown liquid.

“He had a cup,” Alijaj recalled, pointing to a similar cup on his bedside table, as was reported by The Post. “Like this, maybe smaller, something inside, like oil. He made fire and he threw it all.”

Taylor, without warning, ignited the liquid and hurled it towards the group. As per the information provided in The Post report, in a split-second decision, Alijaj leapt in front of his fiancée, taking the brunt of the fiery attack. The liquid, described as having the consistency of oil, caused severe burns across Alijaj’s upper body.

Amid the chaos, Taylor also fled the scene, and Alijaj feared he might return with more flammable liquid. The report in The Post said that as he ran, Alijaj managed to tear off his smoldering T-shirt. Initially, he did not realize the severity of his burns but soon noticed blisters forming on his neck, ears, chest, arms, and left hand. His shirt ignited, and he frantically slapped himself to extinguish the flames while fleeing the train. “I touched myself to put out the fire,” he recalled to The Post. “So while I was running I was burning.”

Authorities have apprehended Nile Taylor and are investigating the motive behind the unprovoked attack.

Alijaj, who is originally from Albania, lay covered in bandages in his hospital bed, his upper body enveloped in protective dressings. Indicated in The Post report was that doctors informed him that he sustained burns on 30 percent of his body, a grim prognosis that will require him to stay in the hospital for at least a week. Gratefully, Alijaj’s face remained unscathed. “Thank God,” he told The Post, explaining that he managed to cover his face during the attack.

Upon arriving at the hospital, it became clear how extensive his injuries were. “I didn’t think the burns were that bad at first,” Alijaj told The Post. “But when I got to the hospital, I saw blisters all over.”

Despite the severity of his injuries, Alijaj remained resolute, stating that his actions were worth it to protect his beloved. “It was worth it,” he affirmed to The Post, as he reflected on the selfless act that likely saved his fiancée from similar or worse injuries.

The physical agony from the burns has been somewhat alleviated by medication, but Alijaj vividly remembers the initial, excruciating pain. “Not so much pain now,” he mentioned while speaking with The Post.

Alijaj, who has been living in New York for about a year, has received an outpouring of support from the community, the Post report said. His story of courage and selflessness has touched many, drawing well-wishes from friends, family, and strangers alike.

As Alijaj continues to recover, the city of New York stands by him, honoring his heroism and resilience, and advocating for a safer environment for all its residents.



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