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Israeli supermodel Sun Mizrahi graces ‘Vogue’ cover despite antisemitism

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(Israel Hayom) Despite facing online antisemitism just last month, Israeli supermodel Sun Mizrahi starred on two striking covers for the summer issue of Vogue Greece, the world’s most famous and prestigious fashion magazine.

The magazine created two different covers with a theme of “Mediterranean Touch.”

“The diverse facets of the Mediterranean coast make up this unique mosaic, drawing influences from Greece and Italy to the more Middle Eastern roots of Lebanon and Morocco,” described the fashion editorial.

Vogue Greece picked an Israeli model Sun Mizrahi to be on the cover of their “Mediterranean Touch” and their followers got really angry.


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“Posting an Israeli model on your cover in the midst of current world events is an extremely tone-deaf decision and it really does beg the question of whether you are able to read the room,” one commentator said. “This is not what Israelis look like” another added.


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Many took to X to defend the model, one saying, “They say that Israelis are white. Let me tell you a secret. Her name is Sun Mizrahi. Do you know what Mizrahi means in Hebrew? It means Eastern!”



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