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Difficult to watch : Police violence in Meron: Elderly man thrown on the floor

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(A7) Violent clashes broke out over the course of Lag Ba’omer, which began Saturday night and lasted until nightfall on Sunday, after hundreds of visitors to Meron insisted on being admitted to the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, despite the legislation and military orders otherwise.

Due to the security situation and the frequent rocket fire from Lebanon towards Meron, the Knesset approved legislation limiting the celebrations in Meron this year to thirty people, and the IDF declared the area a closed military zone.
Ignoring these, hundreds of people still attempted to breach the mountain, leading to violent clashes at the scene.
Footage released Sunday night shows police officers pushing an elderly haredi man who wished to pray at the site, and throwing him to the ground. Sources in Meron said that the elderly man suffered injuries to his face. The National Security Ministry said that the report is being investigated.

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