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Biden Falsely Tells College Grads Cops Are Killing ‘Black Men’ In The Streets. The Truth In ‘24 Is Much More Tragic

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By Rob McGreevy ( Daily Caller)

President Joe Biden asked students at Morehouse College in Atlanta what the point of democracy is if cops are killing black men “in the street” during a Sunday commencement address, but a cursory review of police-involved shootings in 2024 showed Biden’s remarks were extremely misleading.

“You started college just as George Floyd was murdered and their was a reckoning on race. It’s not to the wonder, the democracy you hear about actually works for you. What is democracy if black men are being killed in the street?” Biden said.

Of the 74 black men who died as a result of a police shooting in 2024, only three were identified as being unarmed in The Washington Post’s database for tracking fatal police shootings in America.

Raymond Huddleston is listed on the database as a 46-year-old unarmed black man who was killed in a vehicle in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

But, according to Louisiana State Police, Huddleston allegedly faked a medical emergency when they were transferring him from Catahoula Correctional Center to a court in Baton Rouge, according to WBRZ.

Huddleston allegedly faked a seizure and attacked guards who were trying to help him, according to the outlet. He then disarmed on officer and attempted to hijack the transport vehicle before at least one additional officer shot and killed him, WBRZ reported. (RELATED: Fox Host Lawrence Jones Rips Into Biden For ‘Talking Like He’s A Black Man’ During Commencement Speech)

Huddleston, a registered sex offender, was being transported for a court appearance in a domestic violence case, according to WBRZ.

The second unarmed black man identified in the database is Roshod Graham, a 30-year-old who was killed in Lauderhill, Florida.

Graham’s girlfriend had entered a gas station convenience store asking the clerk to hide her from Graham, the clerk told WSVN. When the clerk reportedly locked Graham out, Graham allegedly began driving his vehicle into the building and rammed the door with his car three times. When police showed up Graham initially fled before cops alleged that he grabbed an officer’s gun during the pursuit, WSVN reported.

The final, and most tragic of the unarmed deaths, was four-year-old Terrell Marshawn Miller, who the database says was killed in a house in Macomb, Illinois.

57-year-old Anthony T. George allegedly had a knife to Miller’s throat, a law enforcement review found, according to WGEM.

“While still armed, the male suspect reached into a room, briefly disappearing out of sight of the officers before returning into view,” Macomb Police Chief Jeff Hamer told reporters, WGEM reported. “Fearing for their safety, the Macomb police officer discharged one round from their duty weapon, fatally striking the male suspect.”

The single shot killed both George and, tragically, the young Miller as well, police said, WGEM reported.

Though there are a few cases in the database that list the victims as neither armed nor unarmed, of the three who were listed as unarmed, one was allegedly reaching for an officer’s gun and the other was a convicted sex offender who had allegedly disarmed an officer and was allegedly trying to escape custody.

While Biden tried to make an appeal to black voters, he appeared to blatantly twist the truth and craft a narrative that the data does not support.

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