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Anti-Israel Protesters & NYPD Clash on the Streets of Bay Ridge; At Least 12 Arrested

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Anti-Israel Protesters & NYPD Clash on the Streets of Bay Ridge; At Least 12 Arrested

Edited by:  Fern Sidman

Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge neighborhood became a flashpoint of tension on Saturday as anti-Israel protesters clashed with NYPD officers during a heated demonstration. According to a report in the New York Post, the confrontation led to at least a dozen arrests, with scenes of chaos and defiance unfolding on the streets.

The pro-Hamas, pro-terror demonstration, which drew approximately 250 protesters, quickly escalated as the crowd pushed back against police efforts to move them towards the sidewalk. According to the information provided in the Post report, video footage captured the intensity of the standoff, with protesters refusing to disperse and police struggling to maintain order. The atmosphere was charged, with chants and shouts filling the air as the two sides faced off.

As the situation grew more volatile, NYPD officers resorted to tackling and arresting several demonstrators. The Post report indicated that videos from the scene showed police dragging away protesters who resisted, with some of them fighting back and yelling at the officers. Tensions reached a crescendo when one demonstrator hurled a water bottle at the police, further escalating the conflict.

One particularly tense moment saw a man being pinned against a van by police officers and placed in handcuffs as onlookers screamed for his release. “Let him go!” they shouted, adding to the already chaotic scene, as per the report in the Post.

Amid the chaos, a line of handcuffed protesters was seen being led away by the police. One of the arrested individuals was draped in a Palestinian flag. The sight of these protesters being loaded into the back of a police vehicle drew reactions from the crowd, with friends and fellow demonstrators shouting words of encouragement, as was reported by the Post. “We love you!” one person called out from across the police line.

The scale of the police presence in Bay Ridge was notable, with officers blanketing the entire neighborhood to manage the demonstration.

“The NYPD has spent over 400 million on Palestine protest alone,” the crowd chanted in unison. The Post reported that the demonstrators, driven by a call for the complete destruction of Israel declared, “They told us to stop. But we will not rest. Until this city divests. Free free Palestine.”


The atmosphere grew even more charged as a woman climbed onto a U-Haul truck, using her elevated position to rally the crowd further. “Don’t talk to the pigs, they don’t deserve our attention,” she shouted, drawing loud applause from the gathered protesters, as per the information contained in the Post report. Her inflammatory remarks continued as she criticized President Joe Biden, saying, “Biden is the oldest president we have ever had. And he will die soon,” to which the crowd responded with more cheers.

Videos from the scene showed police tackling and arresting several demonstrators, dragging them away as the protesters fought back and hurled insults.

The demonstration’s disruption extended beyond the protesters and police, affecting local residents who were caught in the middle. The Post report noted that many expressed their frustration and annoyance at the chaos unfolding in their neighborhood. “Stupid, childish, just a bunch of people running around like assholes causing disruption. Selfish,” said one man, encapsulating the sentiments of many residents who saw the protest as an unnecessary disturbance.

This protest in Brooklyn is part of a larger wave of demonstrations related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. Anti-Israel protests have been occurring worldwide, often marked by high emotions and, in some cases, violent clashes with law enforcement. The chant about the NYPD’s spending highlights a broader critique of how resources are allocated in response to these protests.






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