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New York set to host spring exhibit on Nova music festival massacre

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(TJV) Later this month, a poignant exhibition commemorating the tragic terrorist assault at the Nova Music Festival in southern Israel is set to debut in New York City, as revealed by organizers last week.

Following a successful 10-week stint in Tel Aviv, the installation, entitled “Nova: Oct. 7 6:29 AM, The Moment Music Stood Still,” will be accessible to the public, although specifics regarding the exact date and venue are yet to be disclosed.

The title “6:29 AM” denotes the harrowing moment when militants from Hamas infiltrated the festival grounds, unleashing chaos and claiming the lives of 370 individuals attending the concert, while also abducting numerous others to the Gaza Strip.

Crafted as a grand-scale tribute, the installation incorporates artifacts salvaged from the site of the music festival carnage, such as charred vehicles, bullet-pocked restroom stalls, remnants of festival decorations, and personal effects left behind by victims.

Moreover, the exhibit will feature a “healing tent,” serving as a beacon of hope with its overarching message of resilience encapsulated in the slogan “we will dance again.” Survivors of the brutal attack are expected to be present at the exhibition, as reported by Billboard magazine.

Nova co-founder Omri Sassi, in December when the exhibit was first announced, described it as a medium to momentarily transport visitors back to the traumatic events through a blend of video screenings showcasing exclusive footage from the Nova party, artistic projections, and other immersive elements.

The initiative was spearheaded by the producers of the Nova Music Festival, with notable Jewish record executive Scooter Braun instrumental in bringing it to New York. Braun, reflecting on his visit to Israel in December where he engaged with survivors and witnessed the exhibit’s impact in Tel Aviv, emphasized the universal relevance of the tragedy, emphasizing, “People need to understand it could have been any of us, at any festival,” in an Instagram post announcing the exhibition’s forthcoming debut in New York.

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