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Top Aide to Bklyn DA Gonzelez Departs Over Anti-Semitism Accusations

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In a recent turn of events, Maritza Ming, once a prominent figure as a top aide to Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, has left the district attorney’s office amidst a storm of controversy. Reports suggest that Ming’s departure is linked to accusations of anti-Semitism and other forms of misconduct, raising questions about her conduct and professional integrity, according to a recently published reported in the New York Post.

The saga surrounding Ming’s exit from the Brooklyn DA’s office began to unfold eight months ago when allegations surfaced from multiple current and former staffers. Among the accusations were claims that Ming engaged in disparaging Jewish employees, exhibited bullying behavior towards subordinates, and allegedly misused office resources and staff, as was reported by the Post.  These complaints painted a troubling picture of a workplace fraught with tension and impropriety, ultimately leading to scrutiny of Ming’s leadership and managerial practices.

It was revealed in the Post report that Ming had transitioned to a role at a personal-injury law firm, Harris, Keenan & Goldfarb, in Manhattan.  The shift from a high-ranking official to what was derisively described as an “ambulance chaser” serves as a humbling reminder of the consequences of unchecked behavior and ethical lapses.

Further complicating the narrative is the revelation regarding Ming’s prolonged absence from the DA’s office. Despite reports suggesting that Ming had not been present at the office since July of the previous year, she remained on the payroll, drawing a substantial salary that included a sizable bonus, the Post report revealed.

In response to inquiries about Ming’s status, the Brooklyn DA’s office initially offered vague explanations, with spokesman Oren Yaniv stating that Ming was on leave without providing further details. However, subsequent revelations suggest that Ming’s absence was more protracted and financially lucrative than previously acknowledged, as was indicated in the Post report. The discrepancy between official statements and the documented reality highlights the importance of independent oversight and investigative journalism in holding institutions accountable for their actions.

The internal probe, commissioned by Gonzalez himself, focused on the handling of discrimination complaints within the office, a process overseen by Ming, the Post reported.  Additionally, the city Department of Investigation has launched its own inquiry into Ming’s conduct, further complicating the situation.

Gonzalez’s decision to hire Guidepost Solutions to conduct the internal probe reflects the seriousness of the allegations surrounding Ming’s tenure. The investigation, initiated in response to concerns raised by employees, delves into accusations of discrimination and misconduct within the office. However, the Post report said it’s worth noting that Ming herself has been at the center of these allegations, raising questions about the efficacy of an investigation led by a firm hired by the very office under scrutiny.

Maritza Ming’s tenure within the Brooklyn DA’s office spans over two decades, with her rise to the position of chief of staff in 2018 and subsequent promotion to “confidential executive assistant district attorney” last year, according to the report in the Post.

The controversy surrounding Ming’s conduct has not only impacted her own career but has also reverberated within the wider political landscape. Sources suggest that Gonzalez, who harbors aspirations of becoming state attorney general, has faced backlash from members of the Jewish community over Ming’s continued employment despite accusations of anti-Semitism, the Post report explained. Leaders within the Jewish community have expressed concerns about Gonzalez’s association with Ming, emphasizing the importance of their support for his political ambitions. The potential loss of support from the Jewish community could prove to be a significant setback for Gonzalez, potentially altering the course of his political trajectory.

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