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McDonald’s switches to glatt kosher meat to feed religious IDF soldiers

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By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

McDonald’s and two other major burger chains in Israel have switched over to strictly kosher or “glatt” mehadrin meat so they can feed religious Jewish soldiers in the IDF.

The IDF rabbinate introduced the initiative in light of the increased demand for food donations for soldiers, particularly those who eat only the highest standard of kosher meat.

Three of the major burger chains in Israel, McDonald’s, Burger Ranch and Burgerim are switching entirely to glatt kosher meat even though some of their branches are open on Shabbat and may serve dairy in the same establishment.

The proposal was introduced close to the beginning of the war, but took several months to organize and bring to completion.

The IDF also received assistance from international kosher organizations, such as OU, in its effort to provide strictly kosher food to any soldier who needs it.

In the first weeks of the war, McDonald’s announced it would give free meals to IDF soldiers, a move which raised the spirits of Israel’s troops but raised the ire in some Muslim countries where the fast food company’s local franchises quickly made it clear they had no association with McDonald’s in Israel.

On its social media account, McDonald’s in Israel announced in October it was providing free meals in Israel “to all those who are involved in the defense of the state, hospitals, and surrounding areas.”

McDonald’s establishments in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Turkey issued statements disassociating themselves from the Israeli franchise and saying they would be involved in efforts to give aid to Gaza.

They released a statement, “In regard to the news that McDonald’s in Israel was donating meals. We affirm that it was an individual decision on their part,” McDonald’s franchise in Saudi Arabia said in a statement.

“Neither global McDonald’s nor us nor any other country had a role or relationship with that decision, neither directly nor indirectly,” the statement concluded.

McDonald’s restaurants are independently operated on a local level,

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