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Anti-Israel Protesters Rally in Brooklyn Amid Instagram Ban Controversy

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Anti-Israel Protesters Rally in Brooklyn Amid Instagram Ban Controversy

Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a show of defiance, nearly 1,000 anti-Israel protesters flooded the streets of Brooklyn on Saturday, pledging to amplify their voices despite facing what they perceive as attempts to silence them. As was reported by the New York Post on Saturday, the demonstration, which coincided with hundreds more occupying the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan, underscored the determination of the pro-Hamas, pro-terror forces that have consistently protested against  US support for Israel and now, the contentious ban of a prominent organizing group from Instagram.

Tensions reached a boiling point outside the Brooklyn Museum as protesters clashed with NYPD officers tasked with maintaining order and ensuring the demonstration remained peaceful. According to the information provided in the Post report, chants of “The more you try to silence us, the louder we will be” reverberated through the streets of the Park Slope section of Brooklyn as the protesters began their march, signaling a resolute commitment to continue their activism unabated.

The fervor of the crowd appeared to be fueled by reports of a permanent ban imposed on Within Our Lifetime (WOL), a key organizing group behind many of the city’s anti-Israel demonstrations. As was indicated in the Post report, allegations surfaced that Instagram, owned by Meta, had issued the ban without providing WOL with an opportunity to appeal or seek a review of the decision. The report in the Post added that three accounts associated with WOL, including that of leader Nerdeen Kiswani, were reportedly deactivated, further inflaming tensions.

Standing outside the Brooklyn Public Library, Kiswani denounced what she termed as “NYPD repressive forces” and companies like Meta attempting to stifle dissent. The Post report pointed out that the rallying cry against perceived censorship resonated among the protesters, who remained steadfast in their determination to uphold their right to free expression and advocacy for the Hamas terror organization that is responsible for the wholesale slaughter of 1200 Israelis and others during an attack on southern Israel on October 7, 2023. Hamas terrorists also abducted 240 people on that day and took them to Gaza. Today, 136 hostages remain in Hamas captivity.

The protest itself saw a diverse array of individuals carrying Palestinian flags, brandishing signs, and donning traditional headscarves as they marched in solidarity with Hamas forces in Gaza and elsewhere, as was indicated in the Post report. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of urgency and defiance, with chants echoing the sentiment that Gaza “will be free,” underscoring the protesters’ unwavering support for the pro-Hamas cause.

As the demonstration unfolded, questions lingered about the role of social media platforms in shaping discourse and facilitating activism. The Post report said that the ban of WOL from Instagram raised concerns about censorship and the power wielded by tech giants in controlling the flow of information and stifling dissenting voices. The Post’s attempts to reach Meta for comment on the matter remained unanswered, leaving the controversy unresolved.

Among the sea of protesters, a group carrying a banner emblazoned with the words “By all means necessary” made their stance clear, while others called for an immediate ceasefire with signs demanding “cease-fire now,” the Post reported. The procession, which spilled onto major thoroughfares such as Franklin Avenue and Eastern Parkway, brought traffic to a standstill and drew the attention of local vendors along the route.

Tensions flared as vendors clashed with protesters, demanding that they take their grievances elsewhere. Verbal altercations ensued, with one vendor confronting a protester over an alleged sticker placement near his stand, the report in the Post said. The dispute escalated, drawing the attention of law enforcement officers who intervened to diffuse the situation. However, attempts by the protester to press charges were met with skepticism from the police, who cited a lack of corroborating witnesses.

As the march continued, interactions between protesters and passersby often escalated into heated arguments, punctuated by chants of “Shut it down,” as per the report in the Post.  Despite efforts by law enforcement to maintain order, the atmosphere remained charged with emotion and tension.

By late afternoon, approximately 60 NYPD officers remained stationed at the Brooklyn Museum, a testament to the ongoing efforts to ensure the safety and security of all involved. According to the report in the Post, as the crowd eventually dispersed, the echoes of their impassioned chants lingered, a reminder of the fervent support for the pro-Hamas cause that reverberated through the streets of Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, across the river in Manhattan, a separate demonstration unfolded as protesters gathered at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). Holding a large banner proclaiming “Cultural workers stand for Gaza,” they staged a sit-in, further amplifying the call for solidarity with Hamas terrorists and drawing attention to the ongoing conflict, the Post report added.

The protests came in the wake of Israel’s announcement of an evacuation plan for the residents of Rafah, a city situated along the border of Egypt and Gaza. The Post reported that the move, announced by the Israel Defense Forces, signaled escalating tensions in the region and served as a sobering backdrop to the impassioned demonstrations unfolding on the streets of New York City.


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