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3 IDF soldiers killed by Hamas ambush attack in Rafah

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By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

Three IDF soldiers were killed and 10 were wounded when a building where they were sheltering in Gaza was ambushed by Hamas terrorists who used an improvised explosives or an anti-tank missile to attack the troops.

It isn’t yet clear whether the terrorists threw an explosive into the building or fired a an anti-tank missile at it.

Some of the soldiers were flown to Shaarei Tzedek Medical Centers and others were brought to Beilin Medical Center.

One factor that makes the IDF more vulnerable to Hamas ambush attacks is the fact that 70% of its forces were removed from Gaza and  the remaining troops are settling in one place rather than being moved around after dismantling Hamas’s military capabilities in certain areas.

As a result, more Hamas surprise attacks are occurring than they did earlier in the war.

The IDF has said it would make adjustments, but Israeli soldiers are still getting ambushed by terrorists armed with anti-tank missiles and other weapons.

Earlier on Monday, the IDF announced that two elite force solders were killed and to severely wounded after fighting against Hamas in south Gaza.

Master Sgts. Adi Eldor and Alon Kleinman of the Maglan commandos, both 21, died from an anti-tank missiles.

Eldor’s parents said they were proud their son had fought to free the hostages Hamas had taken and battled the terrorist group responsible for the October 7th massacre.

“Our children fight and are killed because they think the war is just,” said his father, Liron.

“Our children fight for the abductees…. We have to get them back, so that [the death of] no soldier, hostage, or victim of this horror will be in vain,” he added.

Although grieving the loss of a son, Liron described the IDF’s mission that freed 2 hostages in Gaza “wonderful news,” and declared that freeing the hostages should be top priority whether militarily or through negotiation.

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