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Way Past Kristallnacht

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by Phyllis Chesler

Jihad style mobs are surging all over America and in my city of New York. For years, many of us have compared what’s been happening to kristallancht, the night of broken glass in Germany, which took place in November, 1938. Hitler Youth and Nazi paramilitary forces destroyed Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues. The violence left shattered glass in the streets of German cities.

I first made this comparison twenty years ago, in my book The New Antisemitism but lately I’ve abandoned that comparison. Naziism and Nazi propaganda was confined to a single, Nazi-occupied continent. It’s propaganda was rabid but contained. The internet did not exist. What is happening today is far more global.

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The bands that rove our streets are hunting Jews, pogrom-style, but they are also hoping to make the evening news. The surging mobs are wearing masks and sporting Palestinian style keffiyehs. They are knowingly imitating Hamas terrorists, as they disrupt traffic on bridges, deface libraries, glue themselves to the ground during an American holiday parade; mob or “flood” our major train stations; occupy American landmark sites; rally in the outer boroughs, jump on buses, unfurl Palestinian flags; deface subway seats, buses, and storefronts with anti-Jewish graffiti; and attack Jewish-American students and teachers in schools.

Just last night, these pro-Palestinian “swarmers” tried to derail the annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting. Although one jihadist carried a Nazi swastika, the mob cursed the police as “f–king Nazis.”

None of these protests in America have called for the return of the Israeli hostages– or condemned the rape of Israeli girls and women on October 7.

These American jihadists appear to be civilians– just like Hamas terrorists. They wear no official military uniforms. Like Hamas, they disappear into the shadows.

These agitators are very much like the Chinese Communist Young Guards, Hitler’s brown shirts, African Islamist paramilitary gangs, the swarms of violent Black Lives Matter and American Marxist (antifa) demonstrators.

Across America, today’s masked marchers have attacked small businesses, houses of worship, disrupted mass transportation, and attacked visible or suspected Jews.They have defaced and occupied public spaces and made everyone, not only Jews, feel endangered in their own cities.

These demonstrators aim to terrify and subdue civilian populations and overthrow civil order and the American government. They have been indocrinated by both left-wing and Islamic ideas. Their leaders are allegedly well funded and they show no sign of stopping. Why?

Such hordes are also all over the internet, day and night, in every language on earth, feeding very Big Lies to their readers–the kind of lies that have led to these street protests. The same lethal lies are promulgated in America’s mainstream and academic media.

For example, Hamas, not Israel, doctor footage–but the Western media continues to accuse only Israel of doing so. Israel has the proof that this is not so. The world continues to believe Hamas’s Lies.

Many of these “in your face” Hamas supporters have confused the history and status of Black Americans with that of Arab Palestinians. The two groups have little in common, but grafted together, they fuel rage and anti-Jewish blood-lust.

Why have they been carrying on almost non-stop since October 7? To help Hamas finish the job of exterminating the Jewish state.

Iran and Qatar are already in our cities, funding these jihadists. How long will the Biden administration continue to fund Iran? What more will it take for Jews and other Americans to wake up and begin fighting those who are bent on killing us?

American civilians in America remain at risk.

We must defend Western civilization or we will lose it forever.

published originally in New English Review

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