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Israeli Actress Gal Gadot Stars in Spy Thriller ‘Heart of Stone’- Set to Debut on Netflix in August

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Israeli Actress Gal Gadot Stars in Spy Thriller ‘Heart of Stone’- Set to Debut on Netflix in August

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As the new summer movie season gears up to attract fans, it has been reported that such hotly awaited films, as ‘Heart of Stone,’ an upcoming spy thriller starring Israeli actress Gal Gadot of “Wonder Woman” fame will soon be available on Netflix.  Collider.com reported in May that in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, director Tom Harper revealed that the film aims to be the first of a fully-fledged franchise and offered additional insight into what to expect from the upcoming movie.

“There were a couple of things that immediately jumped out at me, the first was that it was an original movie in a genre that is full of great franchises, but things that have been around for a long time — the Mission: Impossibles or the Bonds or the Bournes,” he said, according to the May 11th report on the Collider.com web site.  “I love those films, but they’ve all been around for decades, so working on something that was an addition to that genre but an original piece of material felt really exciting and was a real opportunity. And I also just loved the fact that it had a female protagonist at the heart of it,” he added. Harper additionally emphasized the importance of crafting an action franchise around a female protagonist, stating that it was long overdue due to its rarity in the genre, saying, “The thing that Gal and producers at Skydance spoke about a lot was they wanted Rachel to be a character that wasn’t just a female actress playing a sort of male character, but a woman at the heart of it who was responding differently,” as was reported by Collider.com.

The Collider.com report also stated that alongside Harper’s comments on the movie, Entertainment Weekly also revealed brand-new images from the film, which feature Gadot as Rachel Stone, an MI6 Agent who, according to Entertainment Weekly, “harbors a secret even bigger than her career with [MI6]: She’s the only woman who stands between an ultra-mysterious, powerful, global, peace-keeping organization the Charter, and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset, the Heart.” Additional details on the film remain under wraps, but the images feature Stone sitting alongside her team, played by Jing Lusi, Paul Ready, and Jamie Dornan, who Harper says will permeate throughout the film as she relies on them for support, Collider.com reported. “Even the strongest amongst us still need to work as a team to overcome the odds, and it’s not just about being by herself,” he stated.

In addition to starring in such international mega hits as the action film “Wonder Woman”, Gadot was also in the film Red Notice, where she starred with Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds, according to the Collider.com report. As the DC Universe spearheads toward a reboot, Gadot can now focus on other roles, such as the Evil Queen in Disney’s live-action Snow White remake and her in-development Cleopatra film, where she is attached to star as the real-life historical figure, Collider.com reported. However, in the meantime, audiences can soon dive into a possible new franchise starring the popular actor in another high-octane action flick as Heart of Stone makes its way to Netflix later this summer. It is scheduled to drop on August 11th.

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