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CUNY Trustee Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld Speaks Out Against Open Anti-Semitism at University

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Dear Editor:

Bill Thompson is a nice fellow, as was his Dad, the judge.

That said – let us again discuss the craven, warped, weak and dishonorable behavior of the leadership of the JCRC of New York. We refer here to the TOP leadership, as board members have no say there. Having been there for an aggregate 20 years, I know.

The moment of the greatest eruption of vicious, open anti-Semitism in the entire history of the City University of New York is not the time to honor its chairman. Under duress, Thompson and his trustees issued a perfunctory statement of the kind JCRC typically issues – but no action.

JCRC, eager to justify its existence, issued a declaration of “mission accomplished” over the creation of some CUNY Jewish advisory board, leaving aggrieved Jewish students and Jewish faculty in the dust.

We who served on that board under Pataki / Giuliani / Bloomberg know what must be done to curb this cancer of radical Islamists, leftists and anarchists who have control over the University. It involves security, muscle and yes – funding conditions.
All else is a ruse.

JCRC weakens the position of Jews in New York through incompetent “diplomacy.”

“When Jewish dignity suffers, the worst follows.”———Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky

Jeffrey S Wiesenfeld

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