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The CUNY Commencement Speech from Hell

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During her 10 minute talk, she made 15 slanderous, racist, false, and incendiary claims. Although proud of her Yemenite heritage, she demonstrated that she learned nothing about the U.S., American culture, or American Law during her three years of Law School, subsidized by American citizens and NYC tax-payers, including many Jews.

Here are 15 examples of her pure bias and ignorance:

1)”Law is a manifestation of White supremacy, which oppresses people around the world.”

2)The Law is a “facade” of legal neutrality.

3) American legal organizations “bully” dissenters (The U.S. respects minority rights).

4) Properly trained lawyers must confront the American empire with its “ravenous appetite” for worldwide destruction and violence (implying the U.S. has no right to self-defense).

5) She was proud that the student body and faculty “endorsed” inherently anti-Israe/antisemitic BDS boycotts.

6)She claimed that the U.S. holds Muslim “political prisoners” in jail, even though the one she mentioned was arrested for providing material support to terrorism.

7) She claimed a right and responsibility to speak out against “Israeli settlers’ colonization.” (According to the Oslo Accords, Israel has the right to protect its territory from illegal building by Palestinians).

8) She accused Israel of “raining bullets and bombs indiscriminately” against old and young Arabs. (The IDF is known as the most ethical army in the history of the world ).

9) She accused the NYPD of being “fascist.”

10) She declared the “murder” of Blacks by Whites should be stopped. (However, 95% of Black deaths are caused by Blacks).

11) She called to end ICE and stop illegal immigrants. (Which is ICE’s mandate according to U.S. Law).

CUNY professor Jeffrey Lax said Fatima Mousa Mohammed’s speech at law school graduation was a “call for insurrection” and blamed the school for allowing it. Credit: Yahoo News

12)  She stated “capitalism” should be fought against. (Yet, capitalism and free enterprise represent the most just allocator of resources ever invented).

13) She claims that we must fight against Zionism. (Denying the Jews’ right to their country).

14) She declared silence is not acceptable and called to use “any means necessary” (implying violence) to support the revolution against “oppressors.”

15) She announced: “The fight begins now.”

Free speech allows everyone to say whatever they like. This, however, was incendiary speech, full of Palestinian slanderous lies. Curiously, CUNY Law School removed the video of Fatima Mohammed’s distorted anti-Semitic speech from the 2023 commencement program YouTube page, but two days later, it reversed the decision and re-posted it. Not surprisingly, it was immediately praised by CAIR, saying: “We urge other institutions to learn from this example.”

Instead, we suggest withdrawing all public funding of CUNY Law School.

If this were not enough to turn one’s stomach from pure disgust, we are unfortunately reminded that the background of CUNY faculty members is highly questionable.

For years now, CUNY has had its fair share of troubles but what happened last Tuesday really takes the cake. The New York Post reported that former Hunter College Professor Shellyne Rodriguez was arrested  after holding a machete to a Post reporter’s neck at her Bronx home. Police said that she was arrested on charges of menacing and harassment, according to a report on the abc7ny.com web site.

This is just the latest example of bizarre hiring practices by the taxpayer-funded public university system, professors and critics told The Post.

The confrontation on Tuesday came after the newspaper published a story about an earlier episode in which Rodriguez had cursed at anti-abortion activists at Hunter College, where she held the position of an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Art and Art History, according to an Associated Press report.

A widely circulated video of the May 2nd Hunter College incident shows Rodriguez cursing at the anti-abortion activists and accusing them of “triggering” her students, the AP reported. In the video, Rodriguez asks, “What are you going to do, like anti-trans next?” and sweeps some of the anti-abortion pamphlets off the literature table.

The Post ran a story about the incident Monday and sent a reporter and a photographer to Rodriguez’s Bronx apartment on Tuesday, as was reported by the AP.

Video of Tuesday’s encounter shows Rodriguez holding what appears to be a machete to the reporter’s neck and telling him to “get the —— away from my door.”

The AP also reported that the Post said Rodriguez had earlier shouted from behind her closed door that she would “chop you up with this machete!”

The newspaper said its reporter and photographer left, but Rodriguez followed them and kicked the reporter in the shins, according to the AP report.

Rodriguez was arrested Thursday morning after turning herself in to a Bronx police station, the AP reported. Information on an attorney who could speak for her was not available.

Rodriguez has not responded to phone calls or text messages from The Associated Press, but she told the publication ARTNews that Hunter had “capitulated” to “racists, white nationalists, and misogynists” by firing her.

Rodriguez identifies herself on her website as an artist, educator, writer, and community organizer who uses text, drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, the AP reported.

The unhinged behavior of the self-described “Black Marxist” left many wondering how and why she had been working at the Manhattan college shaping young minds since 2017, the Post reported.

The concerns over lax vetting of academics — particularly part-time, non-tenured adjunct profs like Rodriguez — have dogged CUNY’s 25 campuses for years. The Post reported that in just the last 13 years, the 243,000 students, $4.3 billion system has turned out to have hired a convicted terrorist, a Russian spy, and more than one drug-fueled sexual deviant.

One Hunter College professor told The Post this week that Rodriguez is “not alone. We’ve got plenty of nuts here. A professor from Brooklyn College wondered to the Post: “In a random survey, would subway riders or CUNY adjuncts be more heavily armed?”

Former and current CUNY department heads confessed that adjunct professors — who are paid $6,750 a semester for a 3-hour course — are often hired in the “spur of the moment” and by word of mouth, according to the Post report.

One department head at Kingsborough Community College, who recently interviewed and hired an adjunct professor by email told the Post that, “Literally the decision to hire an adjunct is made by one person. That’s the department chair, and we have some very crazy department chairs.”

The Post also reported that one CUNY adjunct who has been teaching for 10 years said she never filled out an application. Full-time professors, meanwhile, are screened by entire search committees.

The Post asked whether CUNY runs criminal background checks and was told by a spokesperson that, “CUNY follows a thorough process when hiring its employees at all levels and complies with all federal, city and state laws regarding hiring practices,” adding that some part-timers are required to undergo a criminal history check.

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