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Students at the Jewish Foundation School Present Mishloach Manot to New York’s Finest

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Students at the Jewish Foundation School Present Mishloach Manot to New York’s Finest

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On March 2, 2023, at the Jewish Foundation School (JFS), located in Willowbrook, Staten Island, students from JFS presented Mishloach Manot to the great officers of the New York Police Department. Representing the Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO) was Mendy Mirocznik, president, COJO and Ari Weiss, COJO, security chairman and coordinator, Staten Island Shomrim Safety Patrol. About 25 of New York’s finest were the proud recipients of the Mishloach Manot assembled and packed by the JFS students.

“As an educator we strive to add meaning an a sense of community responsibility and values to the lessons we teach our students. Purim is a wonderful holiday where we thank the A-mighty in rescuing our people from the clutches of Haman a vicious anti-Semite and cruel human being. On Purim our children will be heavily involved in the distribution of Mishloach Manot to friends, neighbors and family, but we have to pause and thank those who help us year round and this the police officers who keep us safe. By the students giving Mishloach Manot to the NYPD in preparation of the holiday festivities they learn the valuable lesson of saying thank you and appreciating what others due for them. I am proud of our students they rose to the occasion,” so said Rabbi Yaakov Wasser, Judaic principal, JFS.”

Mrs. Ruth Garber, principal, JFS, remarked, “when I discussed this issue with Rabbi Wasser and with Iva Reuven, our PTA president they full heartedly liked the idea. Our teachers were equally enthusiastic and our students outdid themselves. The outpouring of love gave us the energy to organize at to get the job done. I thank Mendy Mirocznik, COJO, president, and Ari Weiss, COJO, security chairman, for endorsing the idea and for their support in making this day of Mishloach Manot giving to the police a reality. I thank Iva Reuven, our precious star who also serves as the COJO, service committee, Chairperson for her technical support and love to community which was a major driving point in implementing the Mishloach Manot campaign. This truly was a great team communing together and accomplish pure good and happiness.”

Mendy Mirocznik, thanked Edward Jackson, Staten Island Borough Director, Office of  Mayor of New York City and Rabbi Moshe Davis, Jewish Liaison at the Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit who attended and represented Mayor Eric Adams at the Mishloach Manot presentation by the JFS students to the NYPD. “The participation of Ed Jackson and Rabbi Davis gave extra meaning to the Mishloach Manot presentation and it impressed upon the students how important showing appreciation is. It truly is a credit to Mayor Adams that he has members of his administration take the time to lead by example and today the students received the best civic lesson possible and that is we must be hands on and involved.”

Mirocznik continued and acknowledged the presence of the NYPD executives who were in attendance such as, Chief Frank Vega, retired, Staten Island Borough Commander, Chief Terence Hurson, executive officer, Patrol Borough Staten Island, Inspector Stephen Spataro, commanding officer, Pct. 120, Captain Eric Waldhelm, Commanding Officer, Pct. 121, Sgt. Dennis Hu, Patrol Borough Staten Island, and Sgt. Charles Kosa, Pct. 121. “Staten Island is fortunate to have some of the finest of the department assigned to our borough. Our home town has great officers who interact with the community and are a credit to the department. It truly was heartwarming to see the students of JFS interact and express their heartfelt thank you to the police. Today, I must compliment the winning team, Rabbi Wasser, Mrs. Ruth Garber and Mrs. Iva Reuven, besides demonstrating true appreciation to our police you inculcated responsibility and that is the best civics course a school can give.”

Iva Reuven thanked Carina Vizhnay, “who is one of our great Service Committee Members who serves at Empire BlueCross and BlueShield as a Special Events Coordinator for doing an outstanding job on her lecture to the students on Healthy Eating. As a parent I love Purim, but I have concerns that our children are having way to many sugary products and treats. It is important for them to understand to enjoy in moderation and to be careful and sensible at the same time. Thank you Carina for your presentation.

Chief Hurson, on behalf of the NYPD thanked, “COJO for bringing us down to receive  Mishloach Manot from the students at JFS. As a police officer my primary concern is having a community relationship with the public we serve. By coming to school today and meeting with the principals, teachers, staff and students we are able to develop community trust and confidence and from a public safety perspective will only lead to a safer Staten Island. Thank you Mendy Mirocznik, and Ari Weiss our great friends and bridge builders, today besides receiving Purim treats we built a foundation of trust and confidence which is a win win for our borough.”

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