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Hundreds Attend Purim Carnival Sponsored by Young Israel of Staten Island and the Jewish Foundation School

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Hundreds Attend Purim Carnival Sponsored by Young Israel of Staten Island and the Jewish Foundation School

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On March 5, 2023, the gymnasium of the Jewish Foundation School (JFS) located in the Willowbrook section of Staten Island was transformed into a grand carnival ground. Popcorn, soda, pizza and cotton candy was the order of the day. Children and their parents in costume and smiles filled the gym to capacity. Face painting, bouncy house, games and fun were stationed across the gym. Nearly a thousand people congregated in a festive celebratory fashion which truly set the tone for a joyous and happy Purim.

This carnival, a first for Staten Island was a joint project of the Young Israel of Staten Island (YISI), a premiere iconic Staten Island synagogue that has a long rich history of servicing the Borough since 1966, and the legendary Jewish Foundation School (JFS) which has been a trailblazer and beacon in Jewish education since its formation nearly 70 years in the Parkhill section of the Island. The synergy and positive energy that these two important prominent Jewish institutions working hand in hand in advancing the flourishing Staten Island community was palatable. What truly was fascinating was the interaction between YISI and JFS which has invested over the decades much in building the borough’s Jewish community. Many graduates of the JFS and their families are active in YISI and the communal organizations that service the burgeoning Staten Island community. It is no small measure and thanks to these great citadels of prayer and education that the Staten Island community is flourishing as it is so beautifully today.

The brunt of developing and implementing the Purim Carnival was tasked by YISI and JFS to the outstanding and energetic youth department of YISI headed by Yoni and Miriam Laykin. The Laykin family is synonymous with communal involvement and the family tradition is carried out by Yoni and Miriam who carry on the family tradition of excellence. Their award-winning youth team and many of them who are graduates of JFS pulled off a herculean fun filled carnival that truly brought out Purim cheer and joy. Rabbi Yaakov Lehrfield, Rabbi, YISI, Rabbi Joshua Sturm, Assistant Rabbi, YISI, President Robert Rosenberg, YISI, Ruth Garber, Principal, JFS, Iva Reuven, JFS PTA President and Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO) Service Committee Chairperson, and Mendy Mirocznik, COJO, President where among the prominent community leaders in attendance. All in all, the euphoric Purim atmosphere truly left all those in attendance with a positive feel to experience the beauty of Purim.


Mendy Mirocznik, remarked, “from a COJO perspective this historical Purim Carnival of unity has set the foundation for further collaborative ventures which I can attest will only lay the ground for a more unified and cooperative community which will result in truly transforming our great community to greater heights. I am proud of YISI and JFS great institutions pillars of the community where my family prays and my children are educated in truly making a remarkable Purim Carnival which has set the precedent for further great cultural, educational and grand Torah activities. I feel in my heart the best is yet to come. Thank you YISI and thank you JFS for setting a new high standard of excellence. Combined the Synagogue and School have set s precedent and I know that Yoni and Miriam Laykin are up to the positive challenge of exceeding this new bar of excellence and truly continuing this cooperative journey of enhancing are great community beyond our greatest expectations.”

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