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HATE CRIME: Black Supremacist Verbally Attacks White Couple and Toddler on Subway

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Jared Evan

(TJV) An extreme black supremacist  was filmed hurling vile racist abuse at a white couple and their toddler son on a NYC subway.

The terrifying incident has been ignored by Mayor Adams, and the woke City Council.

Using language and rhetoric which comes straight from Ibram Xolani Kendi’s writings  and the BLM movement, the racist hurled a CRT inspired rant at the couple and their toddler, as the rest of the subway riders, sat silent, saying and doing nothing.

If the situation was reversed , it is all but guaranteed this story would have elevated to the front page of the news.

‘Take em’ back to Europe ya’ll…gay a** gorilla … shut up… I don’t care about your ugly a** kids and your race…shut up … f*****g plastic a** body… I don’t care about you … you white monkey,’  the black supremacist ranted.

The Daily Mail, thus far is the only outlet to have reported on the racist, verbal assault.

Many Democrats and “progressives”, who support punishing people for “ugly” speech and who believe it should be a hate crime to “misgender” an individual, have remained silent on this (by their own definition) hate crime.

Thus far, no NYC politicans or “anti racist” activists, are demanding the terrifying racist be  arrested for his hate crimes.

The couple tries to disengage as the mother is seen picking up her child and clutching them tightly as the assailant strikes, ‘I am going to look younger than him by the time he’s my age.’ Despite the vile abuse, the couple do a convincing job of ignoring it, and continue to avoid looking at their assailant, even as the slurs intensify, Daily Mail reported.

The assailant in the attack was not named and it is unclear if the couple filed a police report after the terrifying incident.


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