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US Should Sell Israel F-15 EX Fighters as Iran Threat Rises

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While we American Jews, like the rest of the country, have our own problems at home with massive rising  numbers associated with illegal immigration, crime and cost of living, Israelis live the daily fears of being incinerated by an Iranian nuclear weapon. That’s why the Israeli defense leaders have requested to purchase from the United States, a minimum of 25 of the latest F-15 EX fighter planes to defend their nation. Understanding the threat to Israel appears to be difficult for the Biden administration indicated by their still trying to woo the Islamic fundamentalists ruling Iran back to the bargaining table with offers to re-open the Obama 2015 Nuclear Deal which offered that Islamic terrorist nation a path to nuclear weaponry. These top notch planes would be a deterrent and may even prevent such an attack on Israel. Israel has no border with Iran and must use their air force to deliver long distance blows to knock out the existing nuclear production facilities and their delivery platforms wherever they may be hidden in that nation.

A few years ago, outgoing IDF Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi told his nation that Iran was the main focus of the Israel military, which was working to ensure it had the capabilities to go its alone of necessary to stop Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He said that an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities was the “main task” faced by the military and vowed that, “the IDF would be ready to carry out its mission on the day of the order.” And the new government sworn in on Dec. 29th, headed by Netanyahu, means just that. This new Bibi headed government can be expected to press its tough Iran stance more aggressively by engaging Congress more, especially now that the Israel-friendly Republicans control the House of Representatives.

And if our government readily OK’s the sale of at least the 25 F-15EX fighter jets to Israel, it might even dissuade the Iranians from their plans to attack Israel. And for good reasons. It is the most lethal airplane the world has ever seen. The F-15EX Eagle flies at two and one half times the speed of sound and has a range capability of over 1,700 miles without air refueling. It is equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art radar system and can carry up to 22,000 pounds of ordnance, including 22 Sidewinder air-to-air missiles and a multitude of other precision, laser guided bombs. In effect, it could be used by the Israeli military to surprise its enemy by quickly and effectively reaching its destination in Iran, destroying their hardened nuclear production sites, fight off enemy aircraft and return home safely to Israel. Deadly, to say the least.

Israel is basically now the only friend the U.S. has left in the region and the only nation capable of stopping Iran from dominating the Middle East. Our leadership has abdicated, in shame, that dangerous, conflict ridden area and Iran is more than willing to gobble it up. But currently saddled with growing internal unrest it may very well initiate a conflict with Israel as a means to deter these anti-government demonstrations and rally its people to join together, in patriotism, to fight Israel.

Therefore, a nuclear attack on its age old enemy, Israel, would be to its benefit in more ways than one. Luckily, the new Netanyahu coalition is loaded with Iran hawks including national security advisor, Tzachi Hanegbi, who recently predicted Netanyahu “will act to destroy the nuclear facilities in Iran.” Obviously, Israeli leaders feel they must act shortly to wipe out their enemy’s nuclear capability threats to their nation. And to do so, they must have an air force that can deliver the bombs accurately to their targets and return home safely. That’s the job of the F-15EX fighter jet bombers that Israel has requested from our government.

So, in conclusion, we ask you to please contact your local House or Senate members and request firmly that they throw their support behind the sale of this much needed weaponry to Israel for their survival. Demand they use their powers to see to it that the F-15EX  planes are sold to Israel. That is our and your responsibility. Thanks!

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