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Letters to the Editor

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Is the President a Foreign Agent?

Dear Editor:

Let’s get rid of President Biden in the same manner the Dems wanted to do away with the Presidency of Donald Trump; by impeachment. He’s obviously a foreign agent for many enemies of the United States, such as Russia and China. He’s also a money launderer through his family crime business. He’s handing money, our money, to the likes of the oligarchs in Ukraine with whom he cozied up to and worked alongside for years. Let’s find out how many foreign agents visited his many homes in which he stored vital national records. Let’s try to find out how he managed to own so many multi-million dollar mansions with his meager federal paychecks over the last 50 years.There are so many unanswered questions that I and you have. Where are the answers?

Manny Ottavio


Kerry & the Hypocrisy of the WEF

Dear Editor:

John Kerry, our climate envoy to the world, is a hypocrite. While he lectures other billionaires in Davos, Switzerland about the dangers to our civilization from carbon emissions and fossil fuels, he warms and cools his four mansions back in the states with carbon produced electricity and natural gas. In addition, his fellow clean air enthusiasts at that meeting arrived there in private jets numbering about 1,000 according to all news reports. The accumulated carbon deposits emitted by these carriers amounted to the total automobile emissions in our country for one month. If these people were so serious about their causes, why didn’t they take regular seats on commercial airlines to reach their destination? Why couldn’t they use charters from convenient locations to “gang-up” their trips? Evidently, they are only concerned with obstructing the lives of us ordinary people. And by the way, their menus were replete with steaks, chops and other non-vegan dishes. Typical hypocrites!

Bernie Halpern
Queens, NY


Removing Meat from Our Menu is Insane

Dear Editor:

Now the Global Warning lunataics are calling for the removal of meat from our menu to “make the earth greener.” Nonsense, or coming from Brooklyn and being cow friendly, I say, “bullshit!” The nourishment meat and its products to humans has produced the greatness of our modern life throughout countless centuries. Atmospheric physicists William Happer and William Van Wijngaarden have demonstrated that the current contribution of methane emissions to warming is only about a tenth of the small effect of all carbon dioxide emissions. If we assume the elimination of all methane emissions from global dairy operations, the reduction in global temperatures in 2100 would be one-thousandth of a degree, an effect that wouldn’t be detectable. So, fuggedaboudit! Let’s have a good steak for supper, like they do in the Joe Biden household.

Morey Hart
Brooklyn, NY


The Wokeness of USC is Disgusting

Dear Editor:

Now that the University of Southern California has ruled out the word, “field,” because it might offend blacks who might be the descendants of slaves who once toiled in “fields,” what will happen to and what changes will be made to the thousands of athletic fields found throughout the nation? What about the buildings, institutions, schools, etc., that were named after pre-Civil War slave owners such as Washington, Jefferson and others not so famous? Living in Broward County, Florida, I note that the namesake of my county, Napolean Broward, was a slave owner. Let’s rename the county to….let’s say….”Sharpton

Edna Pearlstein
Plantation, Florida


JFK Turning in His Grave…Again

Dear Editor:

Pelosi received a John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award in 2019. Yet Pelosi appointed BDS supporter Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, a position usually reserved for more senior officials, after Omar accused Israel of “hypnotizing the world” and after Omar claimed Jews use their money to suborn American politicians in the interests of Israel. Omar only opens her mouth to bash America or Israel, and recently outrageously compared the United States to Islamic Taliban, (who abuse & deny females basic human rights) because of Roe vs. Wade reversal, but never says a word about her country of origin, Somalia’s 98% forced female genital mutilation. Omar also voted to deny Israel’s Iron Dome funding to defend itself from genocidal Hamas’ Islamic jihad.

As we all know by now, Harvard University finally did offer a position to Kenneth Roth at its Kennedy School of Government. The Algemeiner, “Roth served as executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW) between 1993 and 2022, has been a vociferous critic of Israel. Last year the organization launched a report accusing Israel of “apartheid…The 213-page report, which was slammed by US and Israeli officials as well as legal academics, contained hundreds of factual errors as well as falsified quotes, according to HonestReporting, a media analysis nonprofit.”

When JFK wrote Profiles in Courage, I guarantee you he had neither of the likes of Pelosi nor Roth in mind. These two are more like profiles in ignorance and cowardice. Martin Luther King Jr. was a true profile in courage. To have Pelosi and Roth be given Kennedy awards and positions of prestige and influence are indicators of how low we have sunk as a society in terms of moral and ethical standards, divorced from true courage, nowhere in sight.

Ginette Weiner,
Scottsdale, AZ

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