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Lapid to US Jewish leaders: Israel accepts all streams of Judaism

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Yoni Kempinski

Prime Minister Yair Lapid today during his diplomatic visit to New York met with the heads of Jewish organizations representing different streams of Judaism.

The event took place at the offices of United Jewish Appeal and was co-hosted by the Jewish Federations of North America in cooperation with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Also participating were Israeli Ambassador to the United States Mike Herzog, Israeli Ambassador to Canada Ronen Hoffman, and Israeli Consul-General in New York Asaf Zamir.

“We are one family. You are my brothers and sisters. The Government of Israel accepts all streams of Judaism. The special bond between Israel and Jews around the world is one of our top priorities, and we will show this. Israel must be, and will be, an open home for all Jews,” Lapid said.

Approximately 50 organizations from the different streams of American Judaism participated in the meeting. The Prime Minister thanked them for their work and their support for Israel. The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of continuing to maintain the relationship between Israel and the American Jewish community, in all its diversity.

A participant in the meeting told Israel National News that Lapid was asked a lot of questions including relating to the US relationship with Israel and the Jewish Diaspora, which he answered, although not always with specifics.

“He was asked a lot of questions. He was very nice. I think people walked out feeling good,” he added.

“He was very warm and effusive and praised the role of American Jewry and the partnership [with Israel], but when it came to specifics, we talked about the expanded Mediterranean initiative, we talked about the Balkan states, we talked about Lebanon – he said he doesn’t think they’ll risk the destruction that [would occur if they] go to war, but it’s a very serious situation. In Syria, it’s also destabilized. We talked about the displaced people,” the source told Israel National News.

“He talked a lot about the Ukrainians, about the refugees because a lot of people [at the meeting were] involved in resettlement and rescue [with US Federations].”

“[Lapid] said very positive things about working together and the relationship [between the US] and Israel, that the US is an ally,” he said.

While they didn’t speak too much about politics, Lapid did say he wanted to continue to keep Israel from being a partisan issue, and hinted that past prime ministers may have contributed to a feeling of partisanship in the relationship with the US.

“He did say he wants to keep Israel from being a partisan issue… that he wants to be bipartisan in every respect,” the source said.

“It was really appreciation to the Diaspora community, of the Diaspora community,” he added.

Lapid also touched on the danger Iran poses to Israel and the region.

“Lapid talked about Iranian money and Hezbollah being the largest terrorist organization,” he said.

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