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The Raid That Should Send Shivers Up Your Spine

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This nation’s shining beacon of freedom was sharply dimmed, if not extinguished by the FBI’s sudden raid on the Trump home on August 8th. This unprecedented, military style attack on an ex-president and highly possible presidential contender, by ruling government forces should send a shiver of fear through the hearts of all Americans of every political stripe.This action reflects the behavior typical of a tin-pot dictator in some far off third world country where adversaries are routinely carted off to prison charged with manufactured crimes suited to the sitting leader’s purpose. We are now headed for that category of totalitarianism. Face it.

To add to the fog of uncertainty and bewilderment at this action by our top law enforcement agency, President Biden, while preparing to copter off to his usual three day week-end holiday in Delaware, continued to deny any prior knowledge of the raid. “Not me,” he cheerily chirped. Earlier, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the nation, “You know, the president and the White house learned about the FBI search from the public reports.” So, we’re led to believe that over his morning coffee, Biden read about the raid in a newspaper like the rest of us ordinary folk. If this is true, just who ordered this first-ever action? Fingers then point to un-elected Attorney General Merrick Garland and his Justice Department. This is contrary to what the founders of our nation had in mind when they formed our democratic government which made only elected officials legally permitted to make the laws for the nation.

So what were these teams of uniformed agents searching for when they went through the dressing rooms and personal garment drawers of the President and First Lady? We know that they originally confiscated from and then later returned the passports to both Trumps. So, what else? At this time, nearly a month later, it appears, nada, bubkis, nothing yet. All we were given by the FBI under an order of a federal judge, were pages of redacted, blacked out sentences that give the impression this raid was merely over the purported mishandling of classified documents. A sit down meeting over coffee could have handled it much better. Aired comments by the Left Wing media are now throwing around the all too familiar phrase, “obstruction of justice.” We’ve been hearing those ominous words since Hillary and the FBI colluded to criminalize Trump for being a Putin “tool and spy.” We’re thinking of the fake FISA report and how the bureau purposely failed to check the facts submitted.  And look how that 5+ years of attacks on Trump ended up.

We’re concerned about the growing police and investigatory powers the Justice Department and the FBI have been evidencing since Obama’s days in the White House. Back in 2021, at the request of a national school board group (NSBA), that labeled outspoken, concerned-for-their-children parents “domestic terrorists,” the FBI under the orders of Attorney General, Merrick Garland memo’d to his agents to take the lead on the law enforcement response to the request that he called, “a disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff.” He wanted to set his agents out to investigate parents who voiced their outrage at what their kids were being subjected to in schools? Responsible Parents doing their job were to be intimidated to fall in line. A threat to all.

In his order, he voiced concern for the safety of public employees in this particular situation, but we’ve heard absolutely nothing yet of any governmental agency inquiring into the attempted murder of lawmakers playing a game of baseball in D.C. where Congressman Steve Scalise was severely wounded, the physical assaults on Senator Rand Paul, nor regarding the attempted murder of Congressman Lee Zeldin, all at the hands of political terrorists. Real ones, not parents. And throw in for good measure, our leader, President Biden’s reference to Republicans as “semi-Fascists.” Does this labeling of political adversaries, as described in Webster’s New World Dictionary as, “dictatorship, racism and hate,” signal our now militarized federal law enforcement agencies which now includes an armed to the teeth IRS, to stalk, harass and subject their political opponents to persecution as we feel former President Trump is now a victim? Election Day, November 1,2022 will give us the answer.


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