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Why So Many Conservatives Blow Off the Left’s January 6th Rhetoric as Kamalarkey

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Some of the usual suspects reportedly did something yesterday.


By: Dov Fischer

The Left is consumed with January 6. Someone named Kamala Harris just compared it to December 7 and September 11. Others on the Left also would make such a comparison — if they had a clue as to what happened on December 7 or September 11. For most of the Woke, December 7 no longer is a day that lives in infamy — and, for that matter, they do not even know whom we fought in World War II. Really. In similar fashion, sadly, today’s college students, most of whom are ages 18-21, were not even born yet on 9/11. The law students I teach were ages 1-3 at the time. They remember jars of Beechnut and Gerber’s baby foods better than they know of Osama bin Laden. The attack on the Twin Towers is as much part of their ancient past as were events that happened even the day before you were born.

At least, in the past, Americans ultimately would be taught honest history. Now it is “1619 Project” fiction. Many of them never will know about Pearl Harbor or 9/11 unless they catch it while streaming movies on an app.

I was only kidding when I published an article earlier this week with tongue-in-cheek predictions. In one “prediction” I wrote:

On the eve of the November elections, Nancy Pelosi will announce that “As a Catholic, I am stepping down as Speaker to devote myself full-time to the Select Committee to Investigate the April 12 Attack on Fort Sumter, the August 24 Burning of the White House, the December 7th Attack on Pearl Harbor, and the January 6th Attack on the Capitol.” Reps. Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney will announce a “Go Fund Me” page to finance the effort. The Vatican will be petitioned by Woke Democrats to rename all monuments and buildings in California, formerly dedicated to Saint Junipero Serra, to newly honor Pelosi as “Our Lady of the Perpetual Impeachment.”

I did not imagine that, in real life, the likes of Giggling Harris already would be linking December 7 to January 6. I suppose she would have added April 12 and August 24, too, if she had heard of the War of 1812 and the burning of the White House or knew of Fort Sumter. Beyond that, I will share here that I initially was going to include September 11 in that list, but I decided to omit that date because it is too raw, too incompatible with parody or other humor. For so very many of us, it is much more than Ilhan Omar’s description of what happened that day: “Some people did something.”

In distinguishing history-impacting dates that truly changed the course of America — like April 12, August 24, September 11, and December 7 — from January 6, it is clear that we have become two societies living in two completely different American realities. The Left is obsessed with the date of January 6. The Woke — as well as cynical liberals, who really do know better but who desperately are endeavoring to milk the Pelosi-Cheney-Kinzinger investigation as their last hope to salvage this coming November’s elections — believe that democracy almost ended that day, that a Bolshevik-type revolution occurred. Many among them really are fooled by Nancy Pelosi’s invasive subpoenas that aim not at uncovering truth but at subverting First Amendment freedoms of the press and of association. As she seeks to leverage January 6 like a shifty three-card-monte shuffler, hoping to get everyone’s eyes off the “red card” — i.e., to divert focus from the doddering blank figure in the Oval Office and his even less purposeful Number 2 — Pelosi simultaneously is aiming to intimidate (i) conservative media voices like Sean Hannity, (ii) conservative political associates of President Trump like Steve Bannon and Mark Meadows, and (iii) conservative political donors whose names and contact data are targeted in many of her subpoenas to telephone companies and the like.

And yet, there is an entirely “Other America” comprised of perfectly normal, coherent, intelligent, astute people, who truly are not exercised — not a whit — over January 6 and never have been. They do not perceive that a coup was contemplated or attempted, or that democracy was endangered in the least when large throngs gathered in Washington, D.C., to protest at the Capitol building against a House of Representatives that was refusing to regard their concerns that the just-concluded October-November elections had not been conducted fairly. The question truly puzzles many among the Left: Why aren’t conservatives as concerned as we are over what happened on January 6?

The question offers an excellent example of how “Occam’s Razor” works, where the most complex of riddles and conundrums sometimes are best answered by the simplest of responses:

Most conservatives actually know someone who went to Washington that day to protest. Perhaps one did not go himself or herself, but his or her neighbor attended the protest. Or a like-minded relative. Or a coworker. Or a classmate. Or someone who attends the same church or synagogue. Conservatives literally know like-minded close associates who were there. We know them not from a biased Washington Post account or a social media defamation but because we worshipped alongside them the prior Saturday in shul or Sunday in church, and then we saw them again the following Sabbath when they returned. They told us they were going — and why. And then they came back and told us what happened. We know them. They did not go to tear down the government, and they did not return with tales of conquest or defeat about the government that almost was torn down. They simply went to protest and to be heard, and they came back with selfies to show.

Much as Americans have learned that social media and ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post are the very last places to go to learn about what Nick Sandmann was doing in Washington or Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, so we similarly know that the best way to find out what happened on January 6 is simply to ask the friend, neighbor, coworker, or relative who went there. We all know someone who knows a guy who knows a guy who was there. That’s all we need, really, to know that January 6 never was about an insurrection. And that’s why we blow off Pelosi, Cheney, Kinzinger, Psaki, and all the others as just so much balderdash and Kamalarkey.


(This article originally appeared on the American Spectator web site. Click here for link: https://spectator.org/why-so-many-conservatives-blow-off-the-lefts-january-6-rhetoric-as-kamalarkey/)

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