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In Suicide Note, Chaim Walder Insists He Is Innocent, Summons Rabbis To ‘A Din Torah In Heaven’

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(VINnews) — In a moving letter written before he took his own life, Chaim Walder continues to insist that he is innocent.

Walder wrote that “I have gone to summon Yehuda Silman and Shmuel Eliyahu to a Din Torah in heaven. I have come to the conclusion that in the world of lies I have no chance of proving my innocence. I am dealing with horrific lies covered in anonymity, without any possibility of proving that they have no factual basis.

“I have reached the extreme limit of human suffering which is possible. They insulted me about the things which I was best at and which I dedicated my life to- supporting and protecting children.

“I am grateful to all those who believed in me: May you be blessed! To all those who didn’t I say that even if you have given up on me, do not give up on my books. Every line, word and letter of them was written from a genuine desire to do good, to be helpful, to improve, to strengthen, to help, to contribute, to build and to repair the world! I never wrote without first having a desire to bring good to the world and its inhabitants.

“I am thankful to the Creator of the World for my loving and supportive family who are my entire world, and for the mission which was placed in my hands – talent, inspiration and the ability to contribute to the world. Hashem gave and Hashem took away, may Hashem’s name be blessed.”

Chaim Walder


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