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What Are We Doing Wrong Regarding COVID-19?

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By: David Scott Strain

First, we have to recognize something: had we done nothing (in comparison to what we have done) we’d be a year-and-a-half plus into herd immunity. No lockdowns, no masking, no obliteration of normal school, no upending of businesses large and small, none of the psychological trauma induced by social distancing, and on and on regarding the upheavals to general society induced by panic. Panic’s deleterious effects far outweigh this so-called “pandemic.”

Consider: For run-of-the-mill healthy people, the virus has a 99.9+% recovery rate. Children are as close to immune to this damn thing as you can possibly be (so why are we teaching children to be afraid; to run from life’s challenges? The psychological harm to malleable young minds here is almost impossible to overestimate). In a country that was formerly the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, anyone who wanted to wear a diaper on their face could do so. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, et al., may not know which end a diaper goes on, but I sure do.

For those people who are advanced in age, and/or who have co-morbidities (cancer, morbid obesity, Type 2 diabetes, any life-threatening diseases), well, they were always free to mask up, to socially distance, to inject experimental, “emergency use,” non-FDA-approved vaccines with or without consultation with their doctors.

Me? I’d rather adhere to a political leftward mantra I remember hearing some time ago: My body; my choice. Also, whatever happened to that blanket tenet that all things “natural” are good? I am far, far more confident in the natural immunity that is conferred by catching this disease and beating it (and the odds are overwhelmingly with me). Let my immune system respond. Come at me COVID. I’ll beat ya — and I’ll beat any variant you can muster.

After all, COVID has been just another virus season. Albeit one with extreme politicking with associated exaggerations, lies, obfuscations, nonsequiturs, misdirections, threats, insults, fearmongering… all inflated and propagated by dirty doctors, dirty politicians, and dirty mainstream media. Do you think “dirty” is too strong a word? Consider: Vaccines, historically, meant the introduction of a weakened or dead virus of a specific kind, in stimulating the immune system such that if and when encountering that specific virus you would be immune to its effects. The COVID “vaccines” are experimental and do not do their work via any weakened or dead virus. Rather, they make changes to your body’s cells – the full effects of which we won’t know for years.

There is also the pesky issue of freedom. If the government can force you to take a non-FDA approved “emergency” injection, the government will be telling us to do anything and everything. I was about to say that we’re inching toward it now, except that it seems we’re going there by leaps and bounds.

Overwhelmingly, healthy people recover on their own. Let’s stop running from this disease; it’s about as useful a tactic as trying to outrun the common cold. Yes, wash your hands, use sanitizer (don’t we always? Well, I do). Sneeze into your elbow. If you’re feeling sick, stay home; then get tested. If your doctor advises that you get vaccinated, and/or to wear a mask, do what you think prudent. And for every story about someone dying who eschewed getting the vax there is someone who got the vax and suffered deleterious effects, to include amputations and, yes, death.

If we don’t gain some perspective now, Democrat fearmongers and Dr. Fauci will have us dancing Life’s dance on broken legs according to the government’s crazy music for the foreseeable future — and maybe forever. After all, just use your internal Fauci voice, and try this out for next year’s government tune: Even if you’ve had the two COVID shots last year for COVID D, this next new COVID variant requires this next-generation vaccine. Do not wait, get vaccinated now. I repeat; last year’s vaccine is no longer able to protect. You must get the current vaccine — and continue to wear your mask!

Easy to see this coming… and coming, and coming again. The Dems will never let this pandemic go (to natural herd immunity). Why else would they create, and take the results of, a flattened Southern border and bus and fly untested, illegal immigrants to other parts of the country?

Investigate the (unbiased) stats for yourself, and then: I think it is time we dust off Patrick Henry’s famous words, with a slight update for our times:

Give me natural immunity, or give me death!


David Scott Strain blogs occasionally and is the author of the novel The Grim Grind of Life: A PI’s strange bounces through a surfeit of eateries, juke joints, and dark doorways. The book and his bio are available on www.Amazon.com.

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