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Netanyahu: ‘We have set Hamas back years’

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By World Israel News Staff

“They received blows that they didn’t expect. And I have no doubt we set them back years,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a video from the Hatzerim Air Base, located on the outskirts of Beer Sheba, on Tuesday evening.

He made his remarks after receiving an IDF briefing on the damage inflicted on Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

“We will continue as needed to return quiet to all citizens of Israel,” he said.

“Our enemies are watching the blows Hamas has absorbed – and I am sure they will also draw lessons,” Netanyahu added.

On Tuesday, IDF fighter jets struck terror infrastructure located in three Hamas control centers in the Gaza Strip.

The various terror infrastructures were used by the terror organization for military purposes, while some of them were also used in previous operations.

The operational apartments belonged to Hamas operatives, including those of Ja’adi Cha’alah, company commander in the Hamas ‘Al-Farqin’ Battalion, Jamal Alaeda, company commander in the Hamas “Northern” Battalion, and Muhammad Shuaf, company commander in the Hamas ‘Nuhba’ Battalion.

The IDF says it has struck command and control centers located in the residences of 12 senior Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip over the past 24 hours.

At around 8:00 p.m, the IDF hit a Hamas unit immediately after it launched a rocket from a school. Fighter jets killed two Hamas terrorists in that counterstrike.

An hour earlier, the IDF said it had attacked a storage facility for machines used in the development and production of weapons for Hamas.

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