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NY To Give $2.1 Billion to Illegals, $15,600 Payments, Small Business Only Gets $1Billion

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Jared Evan

Slipped into New York’s $217 billion state budget deal is a $2.1 billion aid fund that will give many illegal immigrants one-time payments of up to $15,600, according to The Times Union 

Specifically, undocumented workers who lost their jobs and were unemployed during the pandemic will be eligible for the payments.

New York Senate Democrats ended up capitulating to a group of activists after they staged a 23-day long hunger strike in an effort to get the illegal worker’s government assistance. A nonprofit entity called “Fund excluded workers” orchestrated the hunger strike which took place in NYC.

In comparison, as Breitbart News reported, small businesses devastated by the pandemic are receiving just $1 billion in tax credits and grants — $1.1 billion less than illegal aliens in the state.

Times Union reported :

Although the policy was included in the budgets proposed in the Assembly and Senate last month, it seemed to take political observers and even some lawmakers by surprise when it became clear that there was serious momentum to include the measure in the budget.

The surprise led to a split in the Democratic Party, with state Sen. Gustavo Rivera, chair of the Health Committee, threatening to impede bills from members of the Assembly who did not support the excluded workers fund while state party Chair Jay Jacobs issued a statement decrying supporters of the bill who labeled critics as racist.

Essentially the NY Assembly has taken a dramatic turn into total socialism and used typical social justice tactics by calling anyone who objected to handing out $2.1 billion to individuals who are breaking the law as “racist”.

Governor Cuomo plagued by scandals had no problem signing a budget that capitulates to socialist demands while depriving small businesses of additional funds.

Meanwhile in NYC, the socialist group who organized the entire hijacking of NY’s government and budget celebrated.

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