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Red Cross Calls Out Israeli Hit ‘Fauda’ Over Fictional Human Rights ‘Violations’

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By: Benyamin Davidsons

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) took aim at Israeli hit television show Fauda, as reported by The Algemeiner.  The nonprofit humanitarian organization took to its official Twitter account of its delegation to Israel and the Palestinian territories in regards to the show on Sunday morning. “Like many of you, this year we’ve also watched @FaudaOfficial and noted a number of violations of #IHL,” the account posted, referring to ‘International Humanitarian  Law’.  “Check out this Twitter thread and tell us if you see more!” it added.

The Tweet proceeded to comment on various scenes, with comments such as, “Taking hostages is illegal in any circumstances, and specifically prohibited by #IHL.”  Other episodes targeted and commented on included Episode 7, with the note: “Building a military base in the premises of a hospital is not allowed by #IHL as it puts civilians and wounded fighters at risk”.   Episode 10 was also tagged, with the comment, “ Torture is illegal in any circumstances!”

Of course, the scenes and episodes called out by the organization are all fictional and fabricated in a screen write meant for a television drama, similar to many other series which have fictional crimes and violence depicted.   Numerous readers on Twitter replied incredulity asking, “Is this a real Tweet?”  Another Twitter user replied, “Maybe you should be watching less fictional TV and doing more of your actual job.”  The organization also nominated others for scrutiny, including  HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Stephen King’s horror novels, and “The Avengers” series.

‘Fauda’ premiered on Israeli television in 2015. Netflix grabbed the popular show a year later, airing it across the world. The third season has been airing since April.

The political thriller, in a mix of Hebrew and Arabic with subtitles, is about an undercover Israeli Defense Force unit fighting terrorists. The acclaim and popularity of the high-energy show is not only for the heart wrenching action packed plots, but also its supposed unbiased way of portraying both sides.

Fauda’s co-creator Avi Issacharoff, who also works as a journalist for Israeli media outlets, also commented on the ICRC’s Tweet. “We shall consider all this in season 4 and promise to try to come with new original violations,” he wrote.

The show’s other co-creator and lead actor, Lior Raz, also replied using a GIF of three of the show’s characters toasting on a drink.

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