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Howard Stern Under Fire Over Old Blackface N-Word Sketch

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Radio host Howard Stern has become the latest celebrity to come under fire after video clip emerged of him in blackface and repeatedly using the N-word, despite the fact that he had previously denied doing so.

In the resurfaced video, currently circulating online, Stern appears decked out in blackface makeup and using the offensive term, having denied using it during an appearance on The View last year.

According to Page Sixthe Stern-starring clip came from a skit mocking Ted Danson’s infamous 1993 blackface performance with his then-girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg, who now co-hosts The View. It was part of Stern’s “New Year’s Rotten Eve Pageant, aired via pay-per-view

Stern plays the role Danson and performs a back-and-forth with his longtime black sidekick Robin Quivers. Stern is sitting besides actor Sherman Hemsley who plays Whoopi, whom Stern repeatedly addresses as a “smelly ni**er.”

“Don’t be all racially offended because Whoopi all wrote ’em for me,” Stern says after the audience is shocked by his joke.

“What does ya call a black rocket scientist?” Stern then asks Quivers. “A nigger… Whoopi wrote it Whoopi wrote it,” he says.

“I want ya to give us a kiss you smelly c**k head coon,” he tells Quivers at one point.
The footage made waves on social media. Many using have taken exception to Stern’s previous attacks on Trump supporters as “morons” who should “drop dead” by taking disinfectant.

Over at Forbes, writer Seth Cohen says “There is no question Stern needs to make a complete and genuine apology for the skit, and perhaps other incidents that may surface.”

Stern is one of many liberals to come under fire for their use of blackface. Other Hollywood figures who have been found to have previously worn blackface include Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, comedian Jimmy Fallon, and the Governor of Virginia Ralph Northam.

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