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Remembering Corey Comperatore: A Firefighting Hero and Community Pillar

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Remembering Corey Comperatore: A Firefighting Hero and Community Pillar

Edited by: Fern Sidman

On Saturday, a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania was marred by a tragic shooting, resulting in the death of 50-year-old former fire chief Corey Comperatore. According to a report that appeared on the NBCNews.com web site on Sunday, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro confirmed the incident, identifying Comperatore as a devoted Trump supporter and a beloved member of his community in Sarver, Pennsylvania.

The shooting occurred at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania, where Comperatore had attended with his wife and two daughters. As gunshots rang out, Comperatore heroically shielded his family, diving over them to protect them from the bullets, as was reported by NBCNews.com.  This selfless act cost him his life but saved his loved ones. Two other attendees, David Dutch, 57, and James Copenhaver, 74, were also injured in the attack but are now in stable condition, according to Pennsylvania State Police, the report added.

Governor Shapiro spoke movingly about Comperatore, describing him as an exemplary individual whose actions embodied heroism and sacrifice. “Corey died a hero,” Shapiro said, highlighting Comperatore’s devotion to his family and community.. Known as a “girl dad,” Comperatore was deeply involved in his daughters’ lives and was a regular churchgoer who cherished his family and community, as was indicated in the NBCNews.com report. “Corey was the very best of us, may his memory be a blessing,” Shapiro added.

Comperatore’s death has deeply affected his community in Sarver, where he was well-regarded and loved. President Joe Biden also expressed his condolences, acknowledging Comperatore’s bravery and the loss suffered by his family. “He was a father. He was protecting his family from the bullets that were being fired,” Biden said, as was affirmed in the NBCNews.com report. “He lost his life. God loved him.”

Paul Hayden, a neighbor of Comperatore’s for nearly 20 years, shared his personal reflections on their relationship. Despite their differing political views, with Hayden being a Biden supporter and Comperatore a Trump fan, their friendship remained strong. “He knew I was a Biden fan, I knew he’s a Trump fan,” Hayden told NBC News. “But we never let that come in between us. We still said ‘hi’ to each other, we still talked to each other. Some people take it to the extreme.”

Brant Dempster, who lived near Comperatore for 11 years, described him as “a patriotic guy” and highly respected within the community. NBCNews.com reported that Dempster almost attended the rally but decided against it due to a gut feeling. Reflecting on the events, he remarked, “I could have very well been at that rally. I had friends and family there, and it’s a pretty traumatic thing to have people shooting around you like that.”


David Fennell, 73, worked under Comperatore for two decades at JSP, a plastics manufacturing company. He shared vivid memories of Comperatore’s dedication, noting how he often came to work smelling of smoke from his volunteer firefighter duties. The NBC News report said that Fennell recounted a personal anecdote that encapsulated Comperatore’s character: “You want to know what type of person he was? I had brain cancer, and he kept in touch with me the whole time I had my chemo and everything.” Fennell also mentioned Comperatore’s passion for his family and his two Doberman pinschers.

Leroy Snow, 71, who also worked with Comperatore at JSP, echoed similar sentiments. “His family was everything to him,” Snow said. He described Comperatore as “a very fair man” who was always approachable and considerate. “If you had a problem, you could talk to him about it, and he would take everything into consideration,” Snow added, as was reported by NBC News,

The rally, held on a seemingly ordinary Saturday, was abruptly disrupted about six minutes into Trump’s speech. Attendees heard gunshots, and the former president was seen clutching his ear before ducking to the ground. NBC News reported that Secret Service agents swiftly surrounded Trump, creating a human shield to protect him amid the chaos and screams from the crowd. It was later revealed that Trump had been shot by a bullet that grazed the upper part of his right ear.

The shooter, identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, was immediately neutralized by the Secret Service. The NBC News report noted that the FBI has yet to determine a motive for the attack, leaving many questions unanswered about what drove Crooks to such a violent act.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro described the shooting as “shocking” for both the Butler community and the country. He emphasized the importance of addressing political disagreements through peaceful means. “Political disagreements can never, ever be addressed through violence,” Shapiro stated, the NBC News report said. “Disagreements are OK, but we need to use a peaceful political process to settle those differences.”

The incident has sparked a nationwide reflection on the current state of political discourse. President Joe Biden, in his speech on the same day, condemned the violence unequivocally. “There is no place in America for this kind of violence, or any violence,” Biden declared, as per the information in the NBC News report. “An assassination attempt is contrary to everything we stand for as a nation, everything. It’s not who we are as a nation. It’s not America, and we cannot allow this to happen.”

The incident also raises significant concerns about security at political events and the escalating nature of political violence. It calls for a reassessment of safety measures and the rhetoric used in political discourse that may incite such acts.



Corey Comperatore’s death at the Trump rally is a poignant reminder of the personal and communal costs of political violence. His heroic actions and unwavering dedication to his family, friends, and community have left an indelible mark on those who knew him. As the community mourns his loss, they also celebrate the legacy of a man who exemplified the best qualities of humanity—courage, compassion, and love. Comperatore’s memory will continue to inspire and remind us of the profound impact one individual can have on their community.


The Politicization of the Secret Service and the Threats to Presidential Security


The Politicization of the Secret Service and the Threats to Presidential Security

Edited by: Fern Sidman

On Saturday afternoon in Butler, Pennsylvania, as bullets flew inches away from former President Trump, Secret Service agents shielded him with their bodies, averting a tragic outcome. This heroic act highlights the vital role the Secret Service plays in safeguarding former presidents. However, this protection was nearly stripped from Trump just months before the incident.

In April, House Committee on Homeland Security ranking member Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) and a group of seven other Democrats introduced the DISGRACED Former Protectees Act. According to a report that appeared on Saturday in The Washington Free Beacon, this proposed legislation aimed to terminate Secret Service protection for former presidents convicted and sentenced for a felony. The move was in anticipation of Trump’s potential conviction in his Manhattan hush money case, with his sentencing originally scheduled for July 11—just days before the attempted assassination.

Thompson’s initiative to remove Trump’s protection was part of a broader strategy by some Democrats to hold Trump accountable, driven by an unfounded belief that he poses an existential threat to American democracy. The Washington Free Beacon reported that this perspective has been echoed in increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric from Democratic leaders, including President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden has been vocal in his warnings about the dangers he believes Trump poses. The WFB also reported that during a campaign rally on June 28, Biden left no doubt about his stance: “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation. He is a threat to our freedom. He is a threat to our democracy. He’s literally a threat for everything America stands for.”

Biden intensified his rhetoric on a July 8 call with Democratic donors, stating, “It’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.” Also noted in the WFB report was that his campaign has further fueled this narrative through a series of television ads depicting Trump’s potential re-election as a catastrophic event for America. “America itself is at stake,” Biden declared in a July 5 campaign ad.

The Integrity of the US Secret Service

The assassination attempt on the life of former President Donald Trump has also brought to light significant concerns about the integrity and effectiveness of the United States Secret Service. Allegations of politicization, inadequate training, and conflicts of interest have emerged, suggesting a troubling erosion of the agency’s core mission.

In an article titled, “Secret Service Covered for Biden, Exposed Trump” that appeared on the Front Page Mag website on Sunday, political commentator and author Daniel Greenfield observed that when President Biden appointed Kim Cheatle, who had been part of his security detail during his vice presidency, as the head of the Secret Service, the agency’s priorities appeared to shift. Under Cheatle’s leadership, the Secret Service committed to increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, including a pledge to raise the number of female agents to 30%, Greenfield wrote. While diversity in the workforce is valuable, critics argue that this focus may have come at the expense of operational readiness and security priorities, particularly in the context of protecting high-risk individuals such as Donald Trump.

The Secret Service has also been embroiled in controversies involving the Biden family. Reports have surfaced about the agency covering up multiple attacks by Biden’s dog on its personnel, including allegations of deleted video footage of such incidents, as was indicated in Greenfield’s article. This behavior has raised questions about the agency’s objectivity and willingness to hold those in power accountable.

Greenfield also referenced former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino who has been vocal about these issues.  Bongino stated “I want to repeat, and can absolutely confirm, the USSS Director Kim Cheatle has repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump. Despite knowing the threat level is catastrophic.” Bongino’s comments call attention to a growing concern that the Secret Service may be compromising its primary mission of protecting former presidents due to political considerations, as was noted by Greenfield.

The assassination attempt also highlighted several security lapses. Multiple witnesses reported seeing the shooter, identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks, getting into position and climbing on top of a building before the shooting began, Greenfield wrote. While a Secret Service sniper responded quickly once the firing started, the delay in identifying and neutralizing the threat resulted in the death of one person and nearly cost Trump his life.

These events have led to fundamental questions about the adequacy of the Secret Service’s current leadership and its ability to protect its charges effectively. Greenfield also suggested that the potential conflict of interest arising from Biden appointing someone who had previously worked closely with him to head the Secret Service, particularly when that agency is also tasked with protecting his political opponent, is a significant concern.

The Secret Service’s problems are not new. The agency has been criticized for years for issues related to training, discipline, and potential insider threats. Greenfield also said that a petition circulated within the Secret Service earlier this year highlighted a crisis within the organization, pointing to inadequate training, a double standard in disciplinary actions, and vulnerabilities to insider threats.

These internal issues have arguably compromised the Secret Service’s ability to perform its duties effectively, culminating in the recent assassination attempt on Trump. The agency’s politicization and the erosion of its operational integrity have raised alarms about its current state and future.

The recent events underscore the urgent need for reform within the Secret Service. Ensuring that the agency can operate free from political influence and maintain its focus on its core mission of protecting national leaders is crucial. This includes addressing internal issues such as inadequate training, disciplinary disparities, and potential insider threats.

Moreover, there needs to be greater transparency and accountability in the agency’s operations. The allegations of cover-ups and politically motivated decisions must be thoroughly investigated, and those responsible held accountable. Restoring the public’s trust in the Secret Service requires a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and non-partisanship.

Netanyahu: Trump shooting ‘attempt to assassinate American democracy’

Former US President Donald Trump (l), senior White House aide Jared Kushner and former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. (Youtube/Screenshot)

(JNS) Saturday’s assassination attempt on former president and presumptive Republican nominee for the White House Donald Trump “is not only a heinous crime, it is also an attempt to assassinate American democracy,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

At the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday morning, Netanyahu said that he “would like to send him in my name, in the name of my wife, Sara, in the name of the ministers of the Israeli government and in the name of the entire people of Israel our best wishes for a speedy recovery and a return to full strength.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to the Cabinet in Jerusalem about the attempt on former U.S. President Donald Trump’s life, July 14, 2024. Video by Omer Miron and sound by Ben Peretz/GPO.
Netanyahu earlier wrote that he and, Sara, were “shocked by the apparent attack on President Trump” and praying “for his safety and speedy recovery.”

Trump was rushed off stage—bleeding from his right ear—after being shot on Saturday at a political rally in Butler, Pa., north of Pittsburgh.

The president lifted his fist as Secret Service agents walked him off stage. Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger told AP that the shooter was dead and one attendee at the rally was killed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, from Bethel Park, a southern suburb of Pittsburgh (Butler is a northern suburb), as the “subject involved” in the shooting.

‘Shoot him in the forehead’: Netanyahu presented incitement clips against him to ministers

Currently, Israel’s media is laser-focused on the prospect of “the deal” with Hamas. Will “the deal” come to fruition or will Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu scuttle it? Credit: AP

(A7) Government Secretary Yossi Fuchs today (Sunday) presented to the ministers in the government meeting a video with threats and incitement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Minister Yariv Levin said: “It is a miracle that what happened in the United States did not happen until now. We warned that this could happen here. The judiciary abandoned the Prime Minister.”

Minister Miri Regev added: “A series of incitements against the Prime Minister. In a democracy, you don’t light fires on roads, you don’t put a picture of the Prime Minister with blood on his hands, we are in an impossible reality – long after it is too late.”

According to Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir: “The time has come to hold a hearing for those who prevent indictments, prevent enforcement and allow incitement. Naama Lazimi was documented as inciting – a serious offense and the Attorney General does not approve an investigation. If it were us, does anyone doubt she would have investigated the next day?”

Minister Amichai Chikli said: “The answer is to dismiss the Attorney General. I said this two weeks ago as well.” The Prime Minister concluded the topic: “There is normalization of incitement here.”

“For what did they arrest a woman who directed criticism at Mandelblit?”, said Minister Bezalel Smotrich in the discussion, and Minister Ben Gvir added: “You imprisoned a woman who sent a bullet to Bennett.”

Minister Avi Dichter, former head of the ISA, argued that “the incitement today is eighty times more severe than before the assassination of Rabin, and I say this as someone who was responsible for rehabilitating the security system after Rabin’s assassination. The incitement here comes from someone who was a bodyguard of the Prime Minister, from senior Air Force officials and a retired General.”

Minister Idit Silman added: “This is the failure of the enforcement system.”

Minister Moshe Arbel demanded to expand the discussion to threats against city leaders as well: “Just last week, the family members of the head of the Ar’ara council in the Negev were shot at. Luckily, the protective services for the Prime Minister are good compared to threatened city leaders. Saying ‘guilty’ about a Prime Minister is not incitement. It is unpleasant, but it is not incitement. Unfortunately, there are enough inciting statements and we need to focus on them. And enforce against them.”

NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage Mourns the Passing of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Esteemed Member of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Ruth Westheimer,(AP)

NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage Mourns the Passing of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Esteemed Member of the Board of Trustees

Edited by: TJVNews.com

Jack Kliger, CEO and President, and Bruce Ratner, Chairman of the Board, at the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, issued the following statement today on the passing of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, z”l, a member of the Museum’s Board of Trustees since 2004:

“The world feels a bit darker today with the loss of Ruth Westheimer. Dr. Ruth has been a cherished member of our Board of Trustees for two decades. Known worldwide, the ‘Holocaust orphan’, renowned sex therapist, educator, author, cultural icon passed away peacefully at the age of 96 years old.

Dr. Westheimer’s life story was a testament to resilience, courage, and the enduring human spirit. Born Karola Ruth Siegel in Frankfurt, Germany in 1928, she separated from her family and left Germany on the Kindertransport when she was only 10 years old, never again seeing her family who all lost their lives during the Holocaust. After the war, she emigrated to the United States, where she went on to become a beloved figure, known for her groundbreaking work in the field of human sexuality and her ability to connect with people across generations.

Her association with the Museum of Jewish Heritage was a source of immense pride for both Dr. Westheimer and our institution. As a Board member, she played an integral role in furthering our mission to educate, commemorate, and inspire future generations about the Holocaust and its lessons. Her commitment to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring that its history is never forgotten was unwavering.

Her warmth, wisdom, and tireless advocacy for Holocaust education resonated deeply with our staff, community, and fellow Board members. She often shared her personal story, offering invaluable insights into the indomitable human spirit and the importance of tolerance, understanding, and empathy.

In recognition of her exceptional contributions to the world at large, the Auschwitz Jewish Center Foundation honored Dr. Ruth Westheimer in 2016, and the Museum more recently honored Dr. Ruth at its annual Generation to Generation benefit in 2019, citing her dedication to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and ensuring that the lessons of history continue to shape a more just and compassionate future.

Dr. Westheimer’s passing leaves a void that cannot be filled. Her legacy as a Holocaust orphan, educator, and advocate for human connection and understanding will continue to inspire us all. The Museum of Jewish Heritage is committed to upholding her vision and furthering her mission.

We extend our deepest condolences to Dr. Westheimer’s family, friends, and loved ones during this difficult time. The Museum will honor her memory through ongoing initiatives that reflect her commitment to Holocaust education and the values she held dear. Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s remarkable life will forever serve as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. May her memory be a blessing.”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer’s family has requested that donations be made in her memory to HaZamir: The International Jewish Teen Choir, the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, and YM&YWHA of Washington Heights.

About The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust

The Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust is New York’s contribution to the global responsibility to Never Forget. Opened in 1997, the Museum is committed to the crucial mission of educating diverse visitors about Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust.

The Museum’s current offerings include Courage to Act: Rescue in Denmark, a new exhibition about the extraordinary rescue of Denmark’s Jewish population in 1943, a story of mutual aid and communal upstanding in difficult times for visitors aged 9 and up; The Holocaust: What Hate Can Do, a major exhibition offering a timely and expansive presentation of Holocaust history, on view in the main galleries; and, Survivors: Faces of Life After the Holocaust, featuring photographer Martin Schoeller’s portraits of 75 Holocaust survivors in his signature style.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage maintains the Peter & Mary Kalikow Jewish Genealogy Resource Center, a collection of almost 40,000 artifacts, photographs, documentary films, and survivor testimonies, and contains classrooms, a 375-seat theater (Edmond J. Safra Hall), special exhibition galleries, and a memorial art installation, Garden of Stones, designed by internationally acclaimed sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. The Museum also hosts the LOX at Café Bergson an OU-certified café serving eastern European specialties.

Each year, the Museum presents over 100 public programs, connecting our community in person and virtually through lectures, book talks, concerts, and more. For more info visit: http://mjhnyc.org/events. Museum receives general operating support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and New York State Council on the Arts. For more information, visit mjhnyc.org.

Democrats’ Rhetoric & the Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump: An Examination of Incendiary Language and Its Consequence


Democrats’ Rhetoric & the Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump: An Examination of Incendiary Language and Its Consequences

Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a stunning and alarming development, the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has cast a harsh light on the political rhetoric that has permeated American discourse. According to a report that appeared on Sunday in The New York Post, the incident, which left Trump injured and resulted in the tragic death of a rally attendee and critical injuries to two others, has ignited a fierce debate over the impact of charged political language.

For years, Democrats and Trump’s political opponents have employed highly charged language in response to his often controversial statements and actions. Comparisons to Adolf Hitler and references to Nazi Germany have not been uncommon in the political discourse surrounding Trump. As was reported by The Post, terms such as “dictator” have been used liberally, painting a picture of Trump as a malevolent force intent on dismantling American democracy.

This rhetoric reached a critical point following the assassination attempt, with Republicans rightfully pointing fingers at their political counterparts. Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.), a prominent figure aiming to succeed Senator Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader, voiced strong accusations on the social media platform X. “Democrats and liberals in the media have called Trump a fascist. They’ve compared him to Hitler. This isn’t some unfortunate incident, this was an assassination attempt by a madman inspired by the rhetoric of the radical left,” Scott asserted, according to The Post report.

The assassination attempt has magnified the scrutiny on specific statements made by influential Democratic figures. President Joe Biden’s remark on a private call with Democratic donors, reported by Politico, that it’s “time to put Trump in a bullseye,” has taken on a new, unsettling significance, as per the information provided in The Post report. The phrasing, while likely intended as a metaphor for political targeting, now appears ominously prescient in light of recent events.

Similarly, comments made by New York Democratic Representative Dan Goldman during a November interview with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki on MSNBC have come under renewed examination. According to the information contained in The Post report, in the interview, Goldman stated that Trump should be “eliminated” for his alleged involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol riot. “It is just unquestionable at this point that man cannot see public office again. He is not only unfit, he is destructive to our democracy, and he has to be eliminated,” Goldman declared, as was indicated in The Post report.  Although he later clarified his remarks on X, emphasizing that he does not condone political violence, the damage was arguably already done.

Comparisons between Trump and Adolf Hitler have become a recurrent theme among his critics, including high-profile figures and official accounts within the Democratic Party. Noted in The Post report was that this trend, which has intensified over time, raises significant concerns about the impact of such incendiary language on the political climate and public perception.


In December, the official Biden-Harris headquarters account on X (formerly known as Twitter) posted a provocative message under the heading “Trump Parrots Hitler.” This post featured a series of images juxtaposing Trump’s and Hitler’s faces alongside quotes that the campaign alleged were similar, as observed by The Post. This striking comparison drew immediate attention and criticism, highlighting the extreme measures some political factions are willing to take to discredit their opponents.

Within the Biden administration, this rhetoric seemed to permeate the culture. Reports indicate that young staffers, including aides to President Biden, have referred to Trump as “Hitler Pig” in private conversations. The Post report suggested that such casual comparisons to one of history’s most notorious figures underscore a troubling trend of dehumanizing political adversaries through extreme analogies.

The use of Hitler comparisons extends beyond campaign accounts and private conversations. In March, Representative Vicente Gonzalez (D-Texas) faced severe backlash from Republicans after he likened Hispanic Trump supporters to Jews supporting Hitler. “The rhetoric you hear from the Republican Party is shameful and disgraceful for Latinos. And you know, when you see ‘Latinos for Trump,’ to me it is like seeing ‘Jews for Hitler,’ almost, you know?” Gonzalez remarked, as was affirmed in The Post report. This statement not only inflamed partisan tensions but also drew criticism for its insensitivity and historical inaccuracy.

Hillary Clinton, Trump’s 2016 presidential rival, added to this narrative during a November appearance on “The View.” Clinton warned that a 2024 Trump victory could spell the end of the country as it currently exists, drawing a direct parallel to Hitler’s rise to power. The Post reported that she said,“Hitler was duly elected. All of a sudden somebody with those tendencies, dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies, would be like ‘OK we’re gonna shut this down, we’re gonna throw these people in jail.’ And they didn’t usually telegraph that. Trump is telling us what he intends to do,” she cautioned, urging the public to take Trump’s statements seriously.

The comparison of Trump to Hitler and other totalitarian dictators is not a new phenomenon. Such analogies have been made since Trump’s first term, reflecting a deep-seated fear among his opponents about the potential consequences of his policies and rhetoric, as per The Post report. However, these comparisons also raise significant ethical and historical concerns. Equating contemporary political figures with those responsible for some of history’s greatest atrocities risks trivializing the unique horrors of those regimes and can contribute to a toxic and polarized political environment.

In 2019, Representatives James Clyburn (D-S.C.) and Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) drew parallels between Trump’s immigration rhetoric and the propaganda used by Adolf Hitler. During a New York City town hall, Nadler criticized Trump’s harsh immigration policies by invoking Hitler’s tactics. “You’ve heard the President and the administration say that immigrants are thieves, that they bring in drugs, that they’re responsible for lots of crime, that they’re a crisis at our border, they’re bringing in drugs and crime,” Nadler stated, as was reported by The Post. He warned that such rhetoric mirrors the discrediting of institutions that enabled Hitler’s rise to power.

Clyburn echoed Nadler’s sentiments in an NBC interview, cautioning against the dangers of Trump’s rhetoric. “Adolf Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany. And he went about the business of discrediting institutions to the point that people bought into it,” Clyburn said, The Post report said. He further emphasized the historical parallels by referencing how swastikas were displayed in churches throughout Germany, urging Americans to be vigilant against similar propaganda.

In June 2019, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) sparked outrage with her comments on the Trump administration’s immigration policies. She accused the administration of running “concentration camps” on the U.S.-Mexico border, drawing a direct parallel to the Holocaust. The Post report noted that Ocasio-Cortez’s use of the term “never again,” a phrase closely associated with Holocaust remembrance, further intensified the backlash.

Critics have argued that such comparisons were historically inaccurate and trivialized the atrocities of the Holocaust. The backlash called attention to the sensitivity and potential harm of using Holocaust-related language in contemporary political debates.

Ocasio-Cortez has also  been at the center of controversy for her use of strong language to criticize the Trump administration. The Post report said that in a Q&A session posted on the Instagram page of PoliticsNowadays, she defended her choice of words. “I don’t use those words lightly. I don’t use those words to just throw bombs,” she explained. “I use the word because that’s what an administration that creates concentration camps is. A presidency that creates concentration camps is fascist and it’s very difficult to say that.”

The frequent invocation of Holocaust and Nazi Germany analogies in political discourse raises significant ethical and historical concerns. Comparing modern political figures and policies to one of history’s greatest atrocities can risk trivializing the unique horrors of the Holocaust and undermining the gravity of such comparisons.

These comparisons also contribute to a highly polarized and hostile political environment. By equating political opponents with figures like Hitler, the discourse shifts from policy critique to moral condemnation, making constructive dialogue and compromise increasingly difficult. The use of such extreme rhetoric can desensitize the public to genuine instances of authoritarianism and diminish the impact of historical education about the Holocaust.

Moreover, the media’s role in amplifying these comparisons cannot be overlooked. Sensational headlines and provocative statements attract attention and viewership, but they also contribute to a cycle of outrage and polarization. Media outlets must balance their responsibility to inform the public with the need to provide nuanced and accurate coverage of political issues.

In the wake of the deadly shooting, Republican members of Congress pointed to instances of extreme rhetoric from Democratic leaders as contributing factors. Representative Mike Collins (R-Ga.) called for legal action against President Joe Biden, accusing him of inciting the assassination attempt. “The Republican District Attorney in Butler County, PA, should immediately file charges against Joseph R. Biden for inciting an assassination,” Collins wrote in a widely viewed post on X (formerly Twitter), as was reported by The Post.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.), himself a survivor of a politically motivated shooting, linked the incident directly to the “incendiary rhetoric” from the political left. “For weeks Democrat leaders have been fueling ludicrous hysteria that Donald Trump winning re-election would be the end of democracy in America,” Scalise stated, as was noted in The Post report. “Clearly we’ve seen far left lunatics act on violent rhetoric in the past. This incendiary rhetoric must stop.”

Senator JD Vance (R-Ohio), a potential vice-presidential candidate for Trump, also criticized the Biden campaign for its use of extreme language. “Today is not some isolated incident,” Vance wrote on X. “The central premise of the Biden campaign is that President Donald Trump is an authoritarian fascist who must be stopped at all costs. That rhetoric led directly to President Trump’s attempted assassination.”

The repeated use of extreme comparisons and inflammatory language has significant implications for political discourse and public safety. When political opponents are depicted not just as adversaries but as existential threats, it can create an environment where violence is seen as a justifiable response. The attempted assassination of Trump is a stark reminder of the potential real-world consequences of such rhetoric.

In light of these events, there is an urgent need for a reassessment of political language. Leaders and commentators must recognize the power of their words and strive to avoid rhetoric that can incite violence or deepen divisions. This involves focusing critiques on policy specifics and the impacts of actions rather than resorting to hyperbolic analogies that can inflame passions.

Promoting historical literacy and a deeper understanding of the events such as the Holocaust is also essential. This knowledge can help prevent the trivialization of historical atrocities and encourage more thoughtful and informed political discourse.

In examining the broader implications, it is crucial to acknowledge the role of media in amplifying these divisive statements. Media outlets, in their pursuit of sensational headlines and increased viewership, have often provided a platform for extreme rhetoric, further fueling the polarization. The responsibility of media in moderating the discourse and providing balanced perspectives is more critical than ever.

As the nation grapples with the fallout from this assassination attempt on the life of Donald Trump, there is a pressing need for a recalibration of political discourse. Political leaders and media personalities alike must recognize the power of their words and the potential impact on their audience. The path forward requires a commitment to more measured and responsible rhetoric, fostering a political environment that encourages constructive dialogue rather than inciting violence.

The tragic events surrounding the assassination attempt on Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call for all involved in the political process. The stakes are too high, and the potential for further violence too great, to continue down the current path of inflammatory rhetoric. It is a time for reflection, responsibility, and, most importantly, a return to civility in political discourse.


Secret Service Director Called to Testify Before House Over Assassination Attempt on President Trump


(TJV NEWS) House Republicans are demanding answers from the Secret Service surrounding its massive security failure that allowed the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump to occur on Saturday.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) called on U.S. Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle to testify at a hearing on Monday, July 22, to answer for the agency’s failure to prevent the attempt on Trump’s life.

House Republicans are demanding answers from the Secret Service surrounding its massive security failure that allowed the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump to occur on Saturday.

“I have already contacted the Secret Service for a briefing and am also calling on Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle to appear for a hearing,” Comer wrote on X Sunday.

“Secret Service has responded to @GOPoversight and will be briefing us ASAP,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-Fla.) wrote on X Sunday.

“We have also notified Secret Service that we will be holding an emergency hearing ASAP to uncover what transpired at President Trump’s rally. The Secret Service Director is being called to testify. Date will be announced soon.”

Videos and eyewitness accounts of the shooting led many people to question how the shooter was able to get past security and take aim at Trump with a rifle from a couple hundred yards away.

Some eyewitnesses even tried warning the authorities about suspicious activity but were ignored.

The security lapses were so glaring and obvious that many people, including Elon Musk and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, have called for the immediate resignations of Secret Service leadership.

The FBI said at a press conference late Saturday that it was “surprising” the shooter was able to fire multiple shots at Trump and that a “long investigation” was forthcoming.

“There’s going to be a long investigation into exactly what took place and how the individual was able to get access to the location, what type of weapon he had—all that is really days, weeks and months of investigation,” an FBI spokesperson said.


‘Catastrophic Failure’: Secret Service Under Scrutiny After Trump Assassination Attempt


Kristina Wong(Breitbart)

The Secret Service is now under scrutiny after an assassination attempt nearly succeeded on former President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican 2024 presidential nominee.

The shooter, identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks, was able to position himself on a rooftop with a direct line of sight to Trump and fire a bullet that went through his ear.

The shooter was approximately 150 yards away from where Trump was speaking.

Multiple witnesses also claimed they tried to flag the shooter to the Secret Service and police.

The shooter was so close and visible that even some rally-goers spotted the shooter and took video as he was attempting to assassinate Trump.

Rally-goer Michael Difrischia, who captured the moment the shooter fired and was fired upon, told TMZ that he and his wife Amber were watching the Trump rally from outside the main grounds with about 30 to 40 other people.

He said his wife noticed Crooks climbing up onto a nearby building.

They and others said they watched him crawling up the side of the building to with a rifle before he took a shot.

In addition, another rally-goer told the BBC he noticed the shooter and attempted to flag the police and Secret Service for at least three to four minutes prior to the shooting.

He said about five to seven minutes after Trump began speaking:

…we noticed the guy crawling army, you know, bear crawling up the roof of the building beside us 50 feet away from us. So we’re standing there, you know, we’re pointing, we’re pointing at the guy crawling up the roof… .
We could clearly see him with a rifle. Absolutely. We’re pointing at him. The police are down there running around on the ground. We’re like, ‘Hey, man, there’s a guy on the roof with a rifle.’ And the police were like, ‘Huh? What?’
You know, like, like, they didn’t know what was going on. You know, we’re like, ‘Hey, right here on the roof. We can see from right here. We see him. You know, he’s, he’s crawling.’ And next thing you know, I’m like, I’m thinking to myself, I’m like, ‘Why is Trump still speaking? Why have they not pulled him off the stage?’ I’m standing there pointing at him for you know, two, three minutes. Secret Service is looking at us from the top of the barn. I’m pointing at that roof, just standing there like this. And next thing, you know, five shots ring out… .
… We were telling the police, we were pointing at him for the Secret Service who were looking at us from the top of the barn. They were looking at us the whole time that we were standing by that tree… . But they used binoculars..because the roof the way the slope went, he was behind where they could see. But why is there not Secret Service on all of these rooms here? I mean, this is not a big place.

The witness said he saw the Secret Service fire back at the shooter, killing him.

One video shows rally-goers shouting, “He’s got a gun!” before the initial shot rang out in the attempt to assassinate Trump.

Another video appeared to showed a counter sniper team with “eyes on the shooter” before he fired.

Political commentator and former New York Police Department officer John Cardillo posted on X, “This looks really bad. This looks like the counter sniper team had eyes on the shooter, let him fire first, then returned fire.”

Even the FBI is questioning how the Secret Service allowed the shooter to fire off several rounds, according to a senior FBI official during a press conference after the assassination attempt.

The Secret Service was not present at the press conference — which CNN’s Kaitlin Collins called “stunning.”

While the Secret Service was not present at the press conference, they appear to be talking to reporters behind the scenes.

Collins said a source told her that Trump’s Secret Service protection was allegedly recently strengthened. She did not identify the source.

In addition, NBC News reported that senior law enforcement officials say the shooter was outside the security perimeter established by

the Secret Service.

Later, a Secret Service spokesman posted a statement that said the Secret Service “neutralized” the shooter.

Army Special Forces veteran Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) posted on X, “I have very reliable sources telling me there have been repeated requests for stronger secret service protection for President Trump. Denied by Secretary Mayorkas.”

Conservative show host Dan Bongino, a former New York Police Department officer and Secret Service agent, claimed that Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle has “repeatedly turned down requests” for more Secret Service protection for Trump.

“I want to repeat, and can absolutely confirm, the USSS Director Kim Cheatle has repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump. Despite knowing the threat level is catastrophic. Resign tonight,” he posted on X.

He also called the Secret Service’s performance a “catastrophic failure”:

Actively communicating with a number of former colleagues from the Secret Service about the assassination attempt. This is an obviously catastrophic failure and NO excuses should be made, or even attempted. The failures are profound and questions must be answered about ground surveillance, air surveillance, post-stander support, and counter-sniper advance work and response. We have ONE job, and we came within inches of a deadly failure today. An uneventful failure is NOT a success.

And the Federalist’s Sean Davis posted that a “source familiar with Trump’s security detail” told him that they have been asking for beefed up protection and resources for weeks, but has been rebuffed time and again by Biden’s DHS.”

“DHS, which oversees Secret Service protective detail ‘wasn’t responsive to those requests’ for more resources, the source said. Was Biden’s regime behind the attack, or did it deliberately do everything it could to allow it to happen?” he posted.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said he has requested a briefing from the Secret Service and for Cheatle to appear at a hearing.

He later posted a formal invitation to Cheatle to appear for a hearing.


The shooting occurred just a day before the Republican National Convention is about to begin, and just days before Trump will accept the Republican presidential nomination.

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‘God bless Trump’: Israeli politicos react to assassination attempt

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, Mar. 25, 2019. (AP/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the assassination attempt on the former president and presumptive Republican nominee for the White House “is not only a heinous crime, it is also an attempt to assassinate American democracy.”

At the start of the weekly Cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday morning, Netanyahu said that he “would like to send him in my name, in the name of my wife, Sara, in the name of the ministers of the Israeli government and in the name of the entire people of Israel our best wishes for a speedy recovery and a return to full strength.”

Netanyahu earlier wrote that he and Sara were “shocked by the apparent attack on President Trump” and praying “for his safety and speedy recovery.”

Foreign Minister Israel Katz tweeted, “I am shocked by the shooting at the 45th President of the U.S. Donald Trump. I pray for his speedy recovery. Violence can never ever be part of politics.”

Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid described the shooting as “greatly troubling and dangerous,” tweeting, “Political violence is an existential threat to democratic systems. I extend my wishes for a speedy recovery to the former president.”

Trump was rushed off stage—bleeding from his right ear—after being shot on Saturday at a political rally in Butler, Pa., north of Pittsburgh.

The president lifted his fist as Secret Service agents walked him off stage. Butler County District Attorney Richard Goldinger told AP that the shooter was dead and one attendee at the rally was killed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, from Bethel Park, a southern suburb of Pittsburgh (Butler is a northern suburb), as the “subject involved” in the shooting.

“Wishing former President Trump a speedy recovery and strength following the attack on Saturday in Pennsylvania,” wrote Defense Minister Yoav Gallant.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by this event. We stand with the American people in condemning the violent attempt to shake their great democracy,” he added.

“God bless Trump,” Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir tweeted succinctly.

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich tweeted, “Praying from the Holy Land for President Trump.”

Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli said the development was “the direct result of a campaign of incitement and delegitimization” against the Republican.

“In Israel, a shockingly identical campaign of incitement is being waged against Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu that is completely overlooked by the ombudsman and law enforcement agencies solely because it is coming from the ‘right’ direction. Disgrace,” added Chikli.

Former War Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz said that “the U.S. is the most resilient democracy in the world because of the tenacity of the American people.”

He added, “I know they will undoubtedly overcome this difficult moment. I wish former President Trump a swift recovery and condemn any heinous acts of violence seeking to harm democracy and undermine stability and the rule of law.”

Democrats Tried To Strip Trump’s Secret Service Protections Just Months Before Assassination Attempt


Andrew Kerr(Free Beacon)
Secret Service agents shielded Donald Trump with their own bodies after a shooter opened fire on the former president during a Pennsylvania campaign rally Saturday. But if a group of powerful Democrats had their way, those Secret Service agents wouldn’t have been there on Saturday.

House Committee on Homeland Security ranking member Bennie Thompson (D., Miss.) moved in April to terminate Trump’s Secret Service protection in anticipation of his conviction in his Manhattan hush money case. Thompson and a group of seven other Democrats introduced the DISGRACED Former Protectees Act in April, a law that would terminate Secret Service protection for former presidents convicted and sentenced for a felony.

Trump was originally scheduled to be sentenced in the case on July 11—two days before the Secret Service sprung to action as bullets came inches away from ending the former president’s life at Saturday’s campaign rally in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Thompson moved to strip Trump of his Secret Service protection as President Joe Biden has led Democrats in deploying increasingly apocalyptic rhetoric on the campaign trail casting Trump as an existential threat to America who must be stopped.

Biden left little room for the imagination during a June 28 campaign rally. “Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation,” he said. “He is a threat to our freedom. He is a threat to our democracy. He’s literally a threat for everything America stands for.”

Biden ratcheted up the heat further during a July 8 call with Democratic donors, saying, “It’s time to put Trump in a bullseye.” And his campaign has flooded the airwaves with television ads saying doom will befall America if Trump is reelected.

“America itself is at stake,” Biden said in a July 5 campaign ad.

The Biden campaign told reporters shortly after the assassination attempt it was working to pull all its television ads from the airwaves “as quickly as possible.”

Thompson stood by his efforts to strip Trump of his Secret Service detail after Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves (R.) issued a now-prophetic June 2 post on X questioning if the Democrat wanted to make an assassination attempt against the former president’s life more likely.

“Tate Reeves says I owe Mississippians an apology for H.R. 8081, to terminate United States Secret Service protection for felons,” Thompson responded on June 5. “In reality, you owe all 200,000+ Mississippians an apology for not expanding Medicaid. Your actions are selfish!”

Thompson sang a different tune after the attempt against Trump’s life on Saturday.

“I am grateful for law enforcement’s fast response to this incident,” Thompson said. “I am glad the former President is safe, and my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved.”

The shooter has not been identified as of publication of this article. The Secret Service said in a statement the suspect fired multiple shots at Trump from an elevated position outside the rally venue.

“US Secret Service personnel neutralized the shooter, who is now deceased,” the service said, adding that one spectator was killed and two others were critically injured.

The Secret Service’s response to Saturday’s shooting has also come under scrutiny. Rep. Ritchie Torres (D., N.Y.), who in May said Trump’s first term “was not only dangerous but also deadly” for his constituents, demanded an investigation into the Secret Service’s response to Saturday’s shooting.

“The federal government must constantly learn from security failures in order to avoid repeating them—especially when those failures have implications for the Nation,” Torres said.

Unveiling the Trump Assassination Attempt: The Identification of Thomas Matthew Crooks

social media


Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a startling and tragic event, the political landscape of the United States was rocked by an assassination attempt on Saturday on former President Donald Trump during a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The shooter, identified as Thomas Matthew Crooks, a 20-year-old from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, was swiftly neutralized by law enforcement moments after he opened fire, according to the information provided in a report on the USA TODAY web site.  This incident has triggered an extensive investigation by the FBI and other federal agencies, as the nation grapples with the implications of such a brazen act of violence.

The FBI issued a statement confirming Crooks’ identity: “The FBI has identified Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, of Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, as the subject involved in the assassination attempt of former President Donald Trump on July 13, in Butler, Pennsylvania. This remains an active and ongoing investigation, and anyone with information that may assist with the investigation is encouraged to submit photos or videos online at FBI.gov/butler or call 1-800-CALL-FBI.”

Crooks was killed by law enforcement officials immediately after he initiated the attack. The rapid response of the officers on the scene was crucial in preventing further casualties. USA TODAY reported that  Lt. Col. George Bivens of the Pennsylvania State Police praised the prompt action taken by law enforcement, stating, “Law enforcement, I believe, acted heroically, quickly identifying and neutralizing the threat as well as responding to assist the various victims.”

Crooks did not carry any identification, complicating the initial efforts to determine who he was. Kevin Rojek, the FBI special agent in charge, provided insights during a late-night press conference in Butler, Pennsylvania. “We’re looking at photographs right now and we’re trying to run his DNA and get biometric confirmation,” Rojek said, as was reported by USA TODAY. These steps highlight the meticulous process required to confirm the identity of the attacker in the absence of immediate identification documents.

By 1:30 a.m. on Sunday, a significant law enforcement presence was noted outside Crooks’ residence in Bethel Park, about 42 miles south of Butler. The scene was heavily guarded with dozens of law enforcement vehicles, and agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) were present, as per the information contained in the USA TODAY report. A bomb squad was also deployed to the residence, indicating the thoroughness of the investigation and the potential concerns about additional threats.

Neighbors expressed shock and disbelief at the revelation of Crooks’ involvement in the assassination attempt. The suburban community, characterized by its tranquil setting along a winding road, found itself at the center of a high-profile investigation. The residents’ reactions underscore the often-hidden facets of individuals who commit such acts of violence and the community’s struggle to reconcile these actions with their perception of the individual.

Dan Maloney, a 30-year-old resident, discovered the shooter’s identity through social media. “It’s insanity that anyone would do this,” Maloney remarked, noting that he had considered attending the rally himself, as was indicated in the USA TODAY report. His sentiment is echoed by many in the community who are grappling with the reality that the assailant lived among them.

John Wolf, a 50-year-old construction superintendent who resides just down the road from Crooks, expressed the fear and shock that has gripped his neighborhood. “People are scared,” Wolf said, USA TODAY reported. He shared that his sister informed him about the shooter’s local ties, adding to the collective anxiety. Wolf, who had also planned to attend the rally but decided against it due to the heat, encapsulated the disbelief shared by many residents.

According to the database service LexisNexis, Crooks was a registered Republican and an active voter. He graduated from Bethel Park High School in 2022, painting a picture of an ordinary young man from a suburban background. Despite multiple attempts by USA Today to reach Crooks’ family members, there has been no immediate response, leaving many questions about his motivations and state of mind unanswered.

The rally, intended as a platform for Trump’s presumptive Republican presidential nomination, was abruptly disrupted by gunfire. Trump, covered by security personnel, was seen ducking down and putting his hand to the side of his head. USA TODAY reported that witnesses said that they saw blood on his ear and face as he was quickly ushered off stage. The rapid response of the Secret Service and law enforcement officials was critical in preventing further harm.

Several hours after the incident, Trump took to Truth Social to express his gratitude to the Secret Service and law enforcement for their swift action. “I want to thank The United States Secret Service, and all of Law Enforcement, for their rapid response on the shooting that just took place in Butler, Pennsylvania,” Trump wrote, according to the USA TODAY report. He also extended condolences to the families of the deceased and the injured.

Trump provided a personal account of the shooting, detailing the immediate aftermath of being struck by a bullet. “I was shot with a bullet that pierced the upper part of my right ear. I knew immediately that something was wrong in that I heard a whizzing sound, shots, and immediately felt the bullet ripping through the skin. Much bleeding took place, so I realized then what was happening.”

The FBI continues to investigate the incident, urging anyone with information to come forward. The report in USA TODAY said that Special Agent Kevin Rojek explained that the lack of identification on Crooks necessitated the use of alternative methods, such as DNA and biometric confirmation, to establish his identity. Law enforcement officials have maintained a strong presence at Crooks’ residence in Bethel Park, with agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and a bomb squad involved in the investigation.

A Dark Day for Democracy: Global Leaders React to Attempted Assassination of Former President Trump



Edited by: Fern Sidman

In a harrowing incident that has sent shockwaves across the globe, gunshots disrupted a campaign rally for former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday. The event, intended to bolster his political campaign, quickly descended into chaos as Secret Service agents rushed Trump off the stage amidst the sound of gunfire. Immediate reports indicate that the shooter is deceased and two wounded individuals were transported to a Pittsburgh hospital.

The gravity of the situation has prompted swift reactions from world leaders, who have universally condemned the act of violence and expressed their concern for Trump’s safety. According to a report on the Fox News web site, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a long-time ally of Trump, took to the social media platform X, stating, “Sara and I were shocked by the apparent attack on President Trump. We pray for his safety and speedy recovery.” Netanyahu’s sentiments were echoed by many, reflecting the close political and personal ties he shares with Trump.

British Prime Minister Sir Keir Starmer also voiced his dismay, condemning the attack and extending his best wishes to Trump and his family. “I was appalled by the shocking scenes at President Trump’s rally and we send him and his family our best wishes,” Starmer wrote, as was reported by Fox News. He further emphasized the unacceptable nature of political violence, “Political violence in any form has no place in our societies and my thoughts are with all the victims of this attack.”

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese highlighted the broader implications of the incident, stressing the importance of non-violence in democratic processes. “The incident at former President Trump’s campaign event in Pennsylvania today is concerning and confronting,” Albanese remarked, as was indicated in the Fox News report. “There is no place for violence in the democratic process. I am relieved to hear reports that former President Trump is now safe.”

Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister and a close confidant of Trump who had met with him just days prior, expressed his solidarity through a heartfelt message. “My thoughts and prayers are with President [Donald Trump] in these dark hours,” Orban wrote, according to the information in the Fox News report. This sentiment calls attention to the profound impact of the incident on Trump’s allies and the international community.

Nigel Farage, leader of the Reform UK party and a staunch Trump ally, lambasted the media in his statement on social media platform X. “Mainstream media have spread a narrative of hatred against my friend Donald Trump. I hope they are proud of themselves. Disgusting people,” Farage wrote, as was noted in the Fox News report. His comment reflects a deep frustration with how Trump has been portrayed in the media and a belief that this portrayal has contributed to the violence.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni shared her concern and solidarity in a translated message. “I am following with apprehension the updates from Pennsylvania, where the 45th President of the United States [Donald Trump] was shot during a rally,” Meloni wrote. She extended her best wishes for Trump’s recovery and called for a more peaceful and responsible approach to political discourse. “My solidarity and my best wishes for a speedy recovery go to him, with the hope that the next few months of the electoral campaign will see dialogue and responsibility prevail over hatred and violence,” she added, as was reported by Fox News.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed his horror and condemnation of the act. “I was sickened by the shooting,” Trudeau wrote, emphasizing that “political violence is never acceptable.” Fox News reported that he extended his thoughts to Trump, those present at the rally, and all Americans, underscoring the broader implications of the incident for democratic processes.

Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva also weighed in, denouncing the attack in strong terms. “The attack against former President Donald Trump must be vehemently repudiated by all defenders of democracy and dialogue in politics,” Lula da Silva wrote, according to a translation, and was reported on by Fox News. “What we saw today is unacceptable,” he added, highlighting the need for a unified stand against political violence.

Argentinian President Javier Milei voiced a vehement condemnation of the attack, extending his “support and solidarity” to Trump. Fox News reported that Milei described Trump as the “victim of a COWARDLY assassination attempt that put his life and that of hundreds of people at risk.” In a translated statement, Milei further attributed the violence to the “desperation of the international left,” accusing them of resorting to terrorism to maintain power. “The desperation of the international left is not surprising, as today it sees its harmful ideology expire, and is willing to destabilize democracies and promote violence to screw itself into power,” he wrote. He called for fair and peaceful elections in the United States, expressing hope for Trump’s swift recovery.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi also took to social media platform X, articulating his deep concern and strong condemnation of the incident. “Deeply concerned by the attack on my friend, former President Donald Trump. Strongly condemn the incident. Violence has no place in politics and democracies. Wish him speedy recovery,” Modi wrote, as was affirmed in the Fox News report. He extended his thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased, the injured, and the American people, highlighting the broader implications of such violence on democratic processes.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the need to stand firm against violence that threatens democracy. “We must stand firm against any form of violence that challenges democracy. I pray for former President Trump’s speedy recovery,” Kishida stated, the Fox News report said.

These reactions underscore a shared global sentiment that political violence undermines the very foundations of democracy. The report on the Fox News web site also said that the attack on Trump is seen not merely as an assault on an individual but as an affront to democratic values and the principles of peaceful political engagement.

The attack has not only cast a shadow over the political landscape in the United States but also prompted a robust response from law enforcement agencies. Fox News reported that an FBI team is en route to the rally site to conduct an “assassination investigation,” as confirmed by a Secret Service source to Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson. This development indicates the seriousness with which authorities are treating the incident, aiming to uncover the motivations behind the attack and ensure the safety of political figures.

The FBI’s prompt involvement, sending a team to conduct an “assassination investigation,” reflects the severity with which this incident is being treated. The investigation aims to uncover the motivations behind the attack and to ensure the safety and security of political figures moving forward.

This attempted assassination is a stark reminder of the volatile nature of contemporary politics, where deeply entrenched divisions can lead to violent outbursts. It calls for a reevaluation of how political discourse is conducted and the narratives that are propagated by the media. The condemnation from world leaders is a clarion call for a return to civility, dialogue, and mutual respect in political arenas.

As the world watches the developments in Pennsylvania, the focus remains on healing and reflection. The international community’s unified response serves as a testament to the shared commitment to protecting democratic values and ensuring that such acts of violence do not recur. The incident is a sobering moment for politicians, media, and citizens alike, emphasizing the critical need for responsible rhetoric and actions in the pursuit of political objectives.

In the coming days, the aftermath of this incident will undoubtedly continue to unfold, but the resolute messages from global leaders offer a beacon of hope for a more peaceful and respectful political future. The safety and well-being of those involved remain paramount, and the ongoing investigations will seek to bring clarity and justice to this dark episode in recent political history.





Ilhan Omar Charged With Ethics Violations

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) speaking at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), congressional reception for newly elected congressional representatives. Credit: Phil Pasquini/Shutterstock.

by  (Front Page Magazine)

Recently, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) held a campaign rally with a former Somali prime minister, who spoke in her favor, noting that she would “represent Somalia” and not “the interests of the American people” in Congress. His appearance has led to an ethics complaint being filed against Ilhan Omar for violating federal election laws, and fighting those charges is likely to lead her into a world of woe. More on this latest complaint filed against Ilhan Omar can be found here: “Ilhan Omar Slapped With Ethics Complaint From Conservative Watchdog Over Holding Rally With Ex-Somali PM,” by Corey Walker, Algemeiner, July 4, 2024:

US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been slapped with an ethics complaint by the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), a conservative watchdog group, for holding an event with former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

Last weekend [Jun 30], Khaire took the stage with Omar in support of her reelection campaign. AAF argued Khaire’s presence at Omar’s campaign rally constituted a violation of the US Federal Election Campaign Act and demanded the congresswoman step down from office.”

“We are deeply concerned by Ilhan Omar’s illegal campaign rally with the former prime minister of Somalia. Omar already has a long history of statements indicating her disdain for America and allegiance to Somalia, but this goes beyond statements,” the AAF wrote.

“Now her campaign has taken action to involve a foreign leader in an American election. She must resign immediately and return every dollar raised for her at this disgraceful rally,” the watchdog continued.

The organization argued Omar potentially committed two infractions against the Federal Election Campaign Act.

First, AAF alleged that the congresswoman “knowingly accepted former Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire’s services at her campaign events.” They asserted this action exceeded the “limited volunteer services permitted by a foreign national and involves impermissible decision-making.”

Of course, Omar knew that Hassan Ali Khaire would be appearing at her rally — she had no doubt requested him to come from Somalia, and arranged for payment from an entity unconnected to her campaign. She welcomed his appearance, knowing how it would galvanize the Somali-Americans in her district, and would be covered in the media, lending her stature as someone of significance beyond America’s borders.

Second, the watchdog claimed that Khaire was possibly “compensated by a prohibited source.” The organization suggested that Ka Joog, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that focuses on “empowering Somali American youth,” organized and funded Khaire’s trip to America. AAF argued that Omar likely “knowingly accepted a corporate contribution associated with Mr. Khaire’s travel and lodging costs” with the goal of boosting voter turnout among Minnesota’s Somali-American community….

Someone had to pay the considerable expenses —the travel and lodging costs for Khaire while the former prime minister was in Minnesota. The AFF suspects that Omar arranged for payment of those expenses by a corporation that was seemingly unconnected to her campaign. This would be a clever way to get around the prohibition on corporate contributions to political campaigns.

Omar’s campaign counsel David Mitrani denied that the congresswoman violated any elections laws….

“Congresswoman Omar’s campaign had absolutely no involvement in requesting, coordinating, or facilitating Mr Khaire’s appearance or his comments, and accordingly there was no violation of law,” he continued.

So we are being asked to believe that Hassan Ali Khaire simply showed up unannounced at her rally unbeknownst to Ilhan Omar, who had absolutely nothing to do with arranging his trip to Minnesota or his appearance at her rally. How plausible is that?

Khaire’s claim that Omar’s “interests” are with Somalia rather than with the American people raised eyebrows, with critics pointing out that she has previously criticized the American Jewish community for supposedly maintaining “allegiance” to the government of Israel….

And here she is today, being praised by the former prime minister of Somalia for exactly that: her total allegiance to Somalia, and not to Minnesota or to the “interests of the American people.”

Her comments on the “dual loyalty” of American Jews are hard to stomach. After all, no one can accuse Ilhan Omar of “dual loyalty.” Her loyalty is clear: it is to Somalia, and Somalia alone. The former Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire made this clear to his audience, as he stood beside her at her campaign rally, saying “Ilhan’s interests aren’t those of Minnesota or the American people, but those of Somalia.” Omar did not correct him. And the fact that such a statement would be taken by Somali-American voters as a point in her favor leads one to question their loyalty to this country.

Bringing Hassan Ali Khaire all the way from Somalia, having a corporation pay for his travel and lodging, and allowing him to engage in a significant campaign event, likely violates several Federal election laws. But worst of all is this awful truth: as Hassan Ali Khaire said, and Omar did not contradict him, her “interests aren’t those of Minnesota or the American people, but those of Somalia.” What more do we need to know about Ilhan Omar?

Social Media Campaign Targets ‘Jew-Hating’ Academic Departments at Leading Universities

The horrific events at Columbia University where cries to “Kill Jews” and replay the October 7th Hamas massacre 10,000 times have sent shockwaves throughout the world, Credit: AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

By Sara Dogan (Front Page Magazine)

A social media blitz launched this month by the David Horowitz Freedom Center is targeting “Jew-hating” academic departments and centers at ten prestigious American universities which have used university resources to vilify the Jewish people and their homeland of Israel in direct violation of federal Civil Rights law.

The Freedom Center’s social media campaign will place eye-catching graphics and posters exposing each university’s complicity in promoting Jew hatred directly into the Facebook and Instagram feeds of individuals with a connection to each campus.

“For its blatant Jew-hatred, promotion of terrorist violence against Israel, and elevation of Hamas propaganda to the realm of scholarly discourse, Columbia’s Center for Palestine Studies clearly belongs among the top Jew-hating academic departments in America,” reads the text on one of the posts.

“For its politicized use of official university resources to promote anti-Semitism and glorify Hamas, the University of Minnesota Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies belongs on the list of the worst Jew-hating academic departments in America,” states another.

Posters created for the campaign charge that these university departments are “Standing with Hamas” and “Complicit in Jew Hatred,” and call on the lead administrators of each university to launch an immediate investigation to determine whether the Title VI rights of Jewish students have been violated by the academic departments and centers under their auspices.

Each post  links to a detailed report documenting the Jew-hatred at the targeted university and department.

The ten campuses and academic departments targeted are:

#1: San Francisco State University, College of Ethnic Studies

#2: University of California-Santa Cruz, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Department

#3: Columbia University, Center for Palestine Studies

#4: University of Pennsylvania, Middle East Center

#5: University of Minnesota, Department of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

#6: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies

#7: University of Colorado-Boulder, Ethnic Studies Department

#8: University of Maryland-College Park, Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

#9: University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, Department of Latina/Latino Studies

#10: Northwestern University, Asian American Studies Program

Read the Freedom Center’s full report on the Top Ten Jew-Hating Academic Departments in America at:


View images of the some of the social media posts below:

Delta Air Lines changes employee uniform policy following incident involving PLO flag pins


(A7) The uproar over the July 10 post on X, which described the pins as “Hamas badges,” led Delta to ban its employees from wearing pins representing any country or nationality besides the US. The rule will take effect Monday, according to the AP report.

“We are proud of our diverse base of employees and customers and the foundation of our brand, which is to connect the world and provide a premium experience,” the Atlanta-based airline said in a statement, adding, “We are taking this step to help ensure a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment for all.”

Delta’s policy shift reflects the ongoing tensions surrounding the Israel-Hamas war.

Both attendants pictured wearing the pins were in compliance with Delta’s previous policy giving employees more flexibility with uniform accessories.

Before Delta announced its new policy, one of its employees posted a reply on X asserting the attendants wearing the Palestinian Arab pins were violating company rules and sympathizing with passengers who might be “terrified” by it.

Delta apologized for that, saying the employee responsible for the reply had been removed from handling its social media communications.

Security echelon estimates: Mohammed Deif eliminated in Khan Yunis

Hamas military chief Mohammed Deif. (Twitter Screenshot)

(A7) The IDF on Saturday afternoon confirmed that Israeli security forces attempted to eliminate Mohammed Deif, head of Hamas’ military wing and considered one of the terror group’s leaders, and the commander of Hamas’ Khan Yunis Brigade.

“In a joint IDF and ISA activity based on precise intelligence, the IDF’s Southern Command and the IAF carried out a strike in an area where two senior Hamas terrorists and additional terrorists hid among civilians,” the IDF confirmed.

“The location of the strike was an open area surrounded by trees, several buildings, and sheds.”

Earlier, the IDF had said that the strike was in a “defined terrorist area” and that it was “waiting for the results of the attack.” The IDF does not believe that there were hostages in the area around Deif.

Senior sources in the security echelon told the political echelon the results of their situational assessment, namely, that Deif was certainly hit in the strike, but that final confirmation may “take time.” They also said that the commander of the Khan Yunis Brigade was definitely killed.

The IDF struck Deif and Rafaa Salama, architects of the October 7 massacre, along with additional terrorists in western Khan Yunis. The attack was carried out using five heavy bombs, each weighing one ton, which buried the entire site underground.

Meanwhile, Hamas has claimed that many dozens of civilians were killed in the attack. Hamas’ “Health Ministry” in Gaza claimed Saturday afternoon that at least 71 Gazans were killed in southern Gaza, and another 289 were injured.

The Prime Minister’s Office said Saturday afternoon that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu completed a telephone assessment with security sources, the IDF, and the National Security Council. In the coming hours, Netanyahu will call a security-diplomatic meeting with all of the relevant parties, in order to discuss the developments and the next steps.