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Jewish student vets denied freedom they fought to protect, congressman says

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(JNS) Eight decades after the G.I. Bill passed in 1944, veterans are “being denied the very religious freedoms on college campuses they fought to protect,” Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), chair for the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, wrote to the secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and to the governors of California, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina.

“As you know, the protections against discrimination that are included in Title VI of the [Civil Rights Act of 1964] ensure that the G.I. Bill is available to all veterans, including religious and racial minorities, to ensure that every veteran has access to the education they have earned, on a college campus that is a welcoming place for all,” Bost wrote to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough.

“Protests and rioting on campuses against the State of Israel and the Jewish race have spiraled out of control on many campuses that are receiving millions of dollars in federal funding through the G.I. Bill,” he added. “Please tell me what V.A. is doing to ensure that schools that are approved to participate in the G.I. Bill are protecting the rights of Jewish veterans to attend classes and enjoy campus life in a safe environment, free from harassment and discrimination.”

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