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Ivanka Trump’s Candid Reflections on Faith, Family, & Politics in Her First Podcast Interview

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Ivanka Trump’s Candid Reflections on Faith, Family, & Politics in Her First Podcast Interview

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Ivanka Trump, a Jewish convert and daughter of former President Donald Trump, recently participated in her first podcast interview on the Lex Fridman podcast. According to a report on the Vois Es Nais web site, the discussion provided a rare and in-depth look into Ivanka’s personal beliefs, values, and her reflections on the intense public scrutiny she has faced over the years.

During the interview, Lex Fridman asked Ivanka how she managed to cope with the considerable amount of public attacks and how she maintained her composure. Ivanka candidly responded that she feels emotions “very deeply,” experiencing both the positive and negative aspects intensely, as was reported by VIN. She then delved into the Jewish concept of “lashon hara,” which translates to “evil speech,” explaining its significance in her life and how it influences her response to criticism.

She told Fridman, “There’s a concept in Judaism called Lashon Hara, which means evil speech. The idea is that speaking poorly of another is almost the moral equivalent to murder, because you can’t really repair it. You can apologize, but you can’t repair it. Another component of that is that it does as much damage to the person saying the words than it does to the person receiving them. And I think about that a lot. I talk about this concept with my kids a lot, and I’m not willing to pay the price of that fleeting and momentary satisfaction of sort of swinging back because I think it would be too expensive for my soul. And that’s how I made peace with it, because I think that feels more true for me.”

Her words highlight a deep commitment to her faith and its teachings, emphasizing the profound impact of negative speech not just on others, but on oneself. This philosophy helps her maintain a sense of peace and integrity amidst public scrutiny.

Ivanka also addressed her decision to step back from the political spotlight, contrasting her current position with that of other family members who remain actively involved in politics, as was noted in the VIN report. She expressed a clear preference for a life away from the harsh realities of the political arena.

“It’s a pretty dark world. There’s a lot of darkness, a lot of negativity, and it’s just really at odds with what feels good for me as a human being. And, you know, it’s a really rough business. So for me and my family, it feels right to not participate,” Ivanka asserted.

Her choice to prioritize personal well-being and family over political engagement reveals a significant shift in her focus, seeking a life more aligned with her values and emotional needs.

The conversation also touched upon the legal challenges faced by her father, Donald Trump. Lex Fridman questioned Ivanka about her feelings regarding her father’s recent criminal conviction and ongoing legal turmoil. Ivanka expressed her personal pain and support for her father during these difficult times.

“On a human level, it’s my father and I love him very much, so it’s painful to experience. But ultimately, I wish it didn’t have to be this way,” she said, as was indicated in the VIN report.

Her response underscores the personal conflict she experiences, balancing her love and loyalty to her father with the harsh realities of his legal battles. This glimpse into her emotional world highlights the complex dynamics of being part of such a high-profile family.

Despite the public and legal controversies surrounding her family, Ivanka’s steadfast support for her father and her dedication to her family’s well-being remain clear. This interview not only sheds light on her inner world but also serves as a testament to her resilience and faith-driven perspective.



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