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Completely abandoned,’ Jewish Dems voting for GOP tell ‘NY Post’

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(JNS) With recent polling suggesting that U.S. President Joe Biden’s support among Jewish voters is slipping, the New York Post spoke with four Jewish lifelong Democrats who plan to vote Republican for the first time in November.

Melissa Chapman, 50, of Staten Island, N.Y., told the paper that she thought the Democrats would protect her, but “then Oct. 7 happened, and I was completely abandoned.” Now, “even on my vegan Facebook communities, all the recipes became about freeing Palestine, somehow,” Chapman, whose late father was a Holocaust survivor, told the Post.

“I was told to go back to Poland,” she added. “One person told me they hope that I burn in the ovens.”

“My number one priority is overall safety and security for myself as a Jewish person,” Marin Faiella, of Manhattan, told the Post. “I’m not anti-Democrat, but I’m definitely anti-extreme Democrats.”

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