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60% of Hamas terrorists in Gaza have been eliminated – Israeli Defense Minister

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By World Israel News Staff

Israeli forces operating in the Gaza Strip since October 7th have killed or injured roughly 60% of Hamas terrorists, Israel’s defense chief told lawmakers on Wednesday.

Speaking at a hearing held in the Knesset Wednesday afternoon, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant responded to queries by a Coalition MK, Ohad Tal (Religious Zionist Party), as to why Gallant recently ordered water treatment plants and other facilities in Gaza connected to Israel’s electric grid.

In his response, Gallant noted that roughly half of the 250 captives taken on October 7th had been returned or rescued and that more than half of Hamas’ forces in Gaza have been eliminated.

“IDF soldiers have made many accomplishments,” said Gallant. “We have eliminated or wounded 60% of all Hamas terrorists, and of their 24 battalions, we have dismantled the vast majority of them.”

“We have returned half of the hostages and we are determined to return the rest. The security establishment is determined to achieve the goals of the war. In order for us to be able to do these things, it is appropriate that we preserve our support on the battlefield,” Gallant continued.

The Defense Minister cited international pressure on Israel to justify his order to supply some public facilities in Gaza with electricity.

“International legitimacy demands certain humanitarian conditions, and those are the the basic conditions needed to enable the army to operate.”

Gallant added that Israel must take steps to avoid a “humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” which “aside from the ethical considerations, we must prevent in order to carry out our missions.”

He also cited possible water contamination and infections among IDF soldiers caused by a lack of sewage processing.


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