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WATCH: Joe Biden Appears to Freeze, Obama Escorts Him Off Stage During Star-Studded Fundraiser

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(Breitbart) President Joe Biden appeared to freeze while on stage during a star-studded fundraiser on Saturday night and was seen being led off the stage by former President Barack Obama.

Biden and Obama attended the Los Angeles fundraiser, along with celebrities such as George Clooney, Julia Roberts, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, Jack Black, and Jason Bateman, among many others. Before the fundraiser, it was reported that the Biden campaign had raised more than $28 million.

“Biden freezes before Obama grabs his arm and leads him off stage,” the Republican National Committee’s account on X posted. “Yikes!”


Video footage on social media showed Biden and Obama standing on the stage as the curtains were drawn open, revealing musicians playing behind them. Biden can be seen facing the side of the stage while clapping his hands, before turning to face the audience in front of the stage.

Obama can be seen giving a few small waves to the crowd before taking Biden’s arm to indicate they should walk off the stage. As the two are walking off stage, Obama is seen keeping his hand on Biden’s back.

“Biden froze again last night and had to get escorted out by Obama,” the X account End Wokeness wrote. “Is this normal?”


“Can you feel the energy?” Pradheep J. Shanker, a radiologist and contributor with National Review wrote in a post on X.

“Obama has to grab his hand to signal it’s time to move and then has his hand on his back the entire time to guide him off stage,” another person wrote. “Biden is not okay. They’ll all tell you not to believe your eyes, but my gosh is this obvious.”

A Rasmussen Reports poll taken May 28-30 found 57 percent of voters feel that Biden “is getting less and less mentally sharp,” while 33 percent of voters disagree.


The poll also found that 60 percent of the corporate media have been trying to cover up Biden’s mental decline.

A Harvard-Harris poll from March found that out of 2,111 registered voters, 57 percent had doubts about Biden’s mental fitness after being asked if they felt the president was mentally fit to serve another term. Forty-three percent expressed that Biden “is mentally fit.”

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