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Shame on Barbra Streisand – Self Described Feminist Who Remained Silent on Rape of Israeli Women by Hamas

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Shame on Barbra Streisand – Self Described Feminist Who Remained Silent on Rape of Israeli Women by Hamas

Edited by: TJVNews.com

The Genesis Prize Foundation (GPF) honored Barbra Streisand on June 6th at a special event in Los Angeles, celebrating her as the recipient of the 10th anniversary Genesis Prize. According to a press release from the foundation, Streisand, a multifaceted artist known for her work as an actor, director, producer, author, screenwriter, singer, and songwriter, was recognized for her lifelong pursuit of “social justice” and her unwavering commitment to being a “force for good.”

Established in 2014, the Genesis Prize has been described by TIME Magazine as “The Jewish Nobel Prize.” The annual $1 million award honors individuals who have achieved outstanding professional success, contributed significantly to humanity, and demonstrated a strong commitment to Jewish values. The inaugural laureate was Michael R. Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City, businessman, and philanthropist. Other distinguished past honorees include Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Natan Sharansky, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Robert Kraft, Steven Spielberg, and Itzhak Perlman.

The Genesis Foundation claims that Streisand’s activism and philanthropic endeavors are deeply rooted in her Jewish values and upbringing, embodying the principles of tikkun olam, or repairing the world. They say that she has dedicated much of her life to social justice, fighting discrimination, and addressing inequality.

In line with the tradition of all Genesis Prize laureates, Streisand has chosen to donate her $1 million prize to several nonprofit organizations that align with her values and priorities. The funds will support initiatives in women’s health, climate change, truth in the public sphere, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The organizations benefiting from her generosity include: Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) which assists in bringing Muslim immigrants to America, United 24: A Ukrainian government initiative aimed at collecting charitable donations to support Ukraine. Women’s Heart Alliance: Focused on combating heart disease in women through awareness, research, and prevention. League of Conservation Voters Education Fund: Works to promote environmental education and advocacy. National Resources Defense Council: A nonprofit dedicated to safeguarding the earth—its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends. UCLA Center for Truth in the Public Sphere: An institution committed to promoting truth and combating misinformation in public discourse.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Stan Polovets, Founder and Chairman of The Genesis Prize Foundation,  emphasized Streisand’s connection to her Jewish identity, which has been a driving force behind her activism: “We honor her exemplary connection to her Jewish identity. This connection inspires and empowers her to be a force for good in this world – just as our Jewish tradition prescribes.”

Polovets is a prominent American businessman and philanthropist, recognized for his significant contributions to the international energy sector and his innovative philanthropic endeavors. His career spans across high-stakes ventures and influential board memberships, reflecting his versatility and leadership.

Polovets gained prominence through his pivotal role in the establishment and operation of TNK-BP, one of the largest joint ventures in the global energy industry. TNK-BP, a collaboration between the Russian company TNK and British Petroleum (BP), was formed in 2003 and quickly became a powerhouse in the energy sector. Under Polovets’s leadership, the venture controlled more than 18% of Russia’s total oil production. His strategic acumen was critical during the company’s decade-long operation, culminating in its historic divestment. In 2013, TNK-BP was sold for a record $55 billion, marking one of the largest transactions in the industry’s history.

Barbara Streisand’s past is quite telling. Having aligned herself with liberal, leftist causes dating back to her support for Daniel Ellsberg and other prominent leftists, Streisand describes herself as a feminist and a liberal and that for her, politics is not a private matter.

Streisand openly supports liberal politicians. She performed at a fundraiser for Bill Clinton when he was running for president; she also supported Hilary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, then shifted her support to Barack Obama when he won the nomination. She adds that she was horrified by Donald Trump’s presidency and wrote the song “Don’t Lie to Me” in protest against him.

To give an example of her political views, Streisand’s official website has reposted an article from the New York Times—written shortly before the 2016 election—discussing the impact of liberal feminism and Obama’s presidency on white men in the US. In brief, the article says that many white men, who are generally used to having power, respect, and money, have failed (or refused) to change with the times. Therefore, Trump’s popularity was the result of men’s fury at a world that they believe is leaving them behind. While the facts and details of that article are open for debate, the fact that Streisand’s website is hosting it implies that Streisand believes what it says.

The Barbra Streisand Center for Truth in the Public Sphere is the first of four planned centers of the Barbra Streisand Institute and had its inaugural lecture on September 12, 2023. Streisand gave the opening remarks, wherein she discussed the importance of truth in politics and the damage caused by lies, especially what she called the “Big Lie” that Biden had stolen the 2020 election.

Barbra Streisand,1962. Credit: Library of Congress, New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection via Wikimedia Commons.

Since October 7th, Streisand has been strangely silent on social media concerning Hamas’  brutal massacre of 1200 Israelis and others and the abduction of 250 others. This really comes as no surprise as Streisand identifies as a liberal and has done little or nothing in the way of supporting Israel during this crisis. She understands full well that the woke, progressive crowd has dominated the political narrative in Hollywood for many years now and as such, she labors assiduously not to appear too Jewish or to rally around her people, lest her image as a liberal “do gooder” be shattered to pieces. The fact of the matter remains that she has never really championed any Jewish cause, other than asking that people donate to the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. She has never called for the destruction of Hamas, but rather spends her time these days defending and promoting Joe Biden, in the real fear that he may lose the upcoming presidential election in November.

She does nothing to hide her seething animosity towards Donald Trump and has never acknowledged the fact that under his leadership, the US embassy in Israel was finally moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and that the Golan Heights are now officially recognized as Israeli territory.  This does not impress Streisand as her main objective is to see a suicidal two state solution implemented in Israel in order that Israel will ultimately be destroyed by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Earlier this month Streisand took to her account of X.com and posted the following:  “I was honored to receive a call from the President of Israel @Isaac_Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog discussing the 10th Anniversary @TheGenesisPrize, which I was so grateful to receive this year.  We rejoiced in the rescue of four Israeli hostages, and discussed the ongoing hope that all the hostages be released immediately, peace remain an imperative for all, and that a goal of a two-state solution is never lost.  I look forward to working together with The First Lady on future initiatives that can help end the suffering in the region, and highlight the treatment of female hostages.”

Om June 12th, Streisand also posted the following:  “It goes without saying that hostages are suffering and must be released now. There is an additional horror for female hostages. What they endure in terms of sexual violence should be – as the UN said, “clear and convincing” to all. It should also be unequivocally denounced.”

It is quite curious that Streisand, after eight months since the now infamous Hamas attack on Israel, has finally piped up about the horrific rapes and mutilations of Israeli women and girls by the Iranian-backed terrorists from Gaza.  After all, she has identified as a feminist for decades but when it came to speaking out for Jewish women who were savagely and sadistically raped, she remained mum, until this point.

It is also noteworthy to mention that in her recent post on X.com, she linked to a New York Times article from March about the veracity of the rape allegations against Israeli women. Where was she from March until now?  Being with rallying the troops for Joe Biden?

Could it possibly be that now that she has won the Genesis Prize, the time has come to payback Israel for helping her to support all the non-Jewish and even anti-Jewish causes she has dedicated herself to? Could it be that the Herzogs and others behind the scenes at the Genesis Prize selection committee now have the authority to ask Streisand to speak up for her people rather than proudly aligning herself with those that seek our destruction and hers as well?

We will let those who commented on her posts on X.com have the final say. In reaction to Streisand’s post on receiving a call from Israeli President Isaac Herzog and his wife Michal, someone named “ConserValidity” said:  “Great Barbara. Did you mention how hard you’re fighting to reelect the leader of the Jew hating “squad”, Biden – who reversed Trump’s sanctions to enrich “Death to Israel” Iran, which has been funding rapist barbarian Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis – as they wage war on Israel?” He added: “Oh, don’t forget to throw in the fact that you’re loyally supporting the people who, in the middle of Israel’s war: Are blocking needed weapon shipments, which have already been approved by congress, in order to save the Hamas Islamist Nazis.”

Someone named D Mozer also responded to Streisand’s post by saying, “Shame on you and your implied support for a 2 state solution so revered by Barbra the communist … I detest Traitors …”

In regards to Streisand’s post about the “additional horror for female hostages” and what they endure in terms of sexual violence, Streisand’s detractors did not hold back in their responses on X.com.

Reaction from Stella Paul – “Why are you finally speaking out now? Got a record to promote? It’s been 8 months and your Democrat friends support this anti-Semitic horror.”

Reaction from Florida Mama – “What took you so long? Are you afraid of upsetting your friends and fans?”

Reaction from Olia – “Did you just get a memo from Democratic Party that it’s running low on donations from major Jewish donors and needs a boost on social media? There is no other way to explain your sudden change of silence about Israeli hostages.”

Reaction from maitri – “There are no words that I as a Jew can say to you without being suspended. You have betrayed your own people by still believing in this administration that has stabbed Israel in the back for your own insecurity and desire to fit in . Used to admire you. Not anymore.”

Reaction from GardenGuru – “Very brave Babs, finally. Quoting the anti-Semitic UN, a nice touch.”



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