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Relative of Bibas family urges Trump to ‘take shackles off’ if elected and help Israel free hostages

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By Vered Weiss, World Israel News

A relative of the Bibas family, still held hostage in Gaza, wrote an open letter to former US president and current candidate Donald Trump urging him to remove the “shackles” of US pressure so Israel can achieve victory and free hostages.

Yossi Shnaider, Shiri Bibas’s cousin, wrote the letter, which was published by Attorney Marc Zell, Chairman of Republicans Overseas Israel.

The letter begins with Shnaider describing Hamas’s assault on his family and the murder of his aunt Margalit and uncle Yossi Silberman and the kidnapping of their daughter Shiri Bibas along with her husband Yarden and their two small children 4-year-old Aiel and 8.5-month-old Kfir.

Shnaider said that Kfir” had very his first birthday while in captivity, and today he spends half his life in a dark tunnel underground” in Gaza.

Shnaider wrote, “This is a war crime, and the lack of outrage from the world is deafening.”

He added, “For the first time in modern history, children, including a baby, were kidnapped as a bargaining chip in war. This is contrary to all laws.”


Like many hostage family members, Shnaider emphasized the need to free the hostages still held in Gaza for 8 months, and he emphasized an Israeli military victory as the best way to secure their release.

He wrote, “The only way for Israel to do that is to make Hamas get down on its knees and beg us to stop and end their terrorist tyranny.”

Therefore, he added, “reliable support from our greatest ally (the US) is critical.”

Shnaider criticized the Biden Administration and wrote, “Pauses, negotiations and erratic messaging is not the way to achieve victory.”

He continued, “The pressure and policies from the Biden administration have created numerous obstacles and hampered the IDF’s ability to operate and conduct military actions in the resolute and uncompromising manner necessary.”

Shnaider appealed to directly to Trump and wrote, “Sir, take the shackles off. We are under attack from Hezbollah at our Northern border, acting in lockstep with Hamas, under the order of the Iranian regime.”

He concluded, “I greatly appreciate all that you do, and look forward to your support in helping Israel finally finish the job, and achieve the safe return of my family and all of our hostages to their homes.”

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