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Prominent South Florida Lawyer Withdraws from High-Profile Rape Case Involving Twin Real-Estate Heirs

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In a surprising turn of events, Jim Ferraro, a prominent south Florida lawyer, has abruptly withdrawn from representing Oren and Alon Alexander, twin brothers and real-estate heirs accused of rape, according to report that appeared on Monday in The New York Post. Ferraro’s decision comes amidst an escalating legal battle, with new accusations surfacing against the millionaire siblings.

A well-placed source informed The Post that Ferraro’s withdrawal was influenced by his personal ties to the 36-year-old brothers and the overwhelming number of additional accusations that have emerged. These factors collectively made his continued representation untenable.

Ferraro’s departure comes at a critical juncture, following an avalanche of additional accusations against the Alexander brothers. Despite repeated attempts, Ferraro did not respond to The Post’s requests for comment regarding his decision to step down. Previously, he had expressed confidence in his clients’ innocence, citing a robust collection of evidence. “We are confident this matter will be resolved in their favor given an extensive collection of powerful evidence including, phone records, text messages, emails, and other documents whose content clearly debunks these claims,” Ferraro had said, as noted in The Post report.

Ferraro’s ties to the Alexander brothers are extensive, going beyond professional interactions. His relationship with Oren Alexander dates back over a decade, originating from a real estate deal in New York City. This business relationship evolved into a personal friendship, as evidenced by public appearances and interviews. The Post reported that in a 2009 interview with the Observer, Oren spoke about their close bond: “With Jim, I jetted with him to Miami for a weekend. I jetted with him to Martha’s Vineyard for a weekend. I jetted with him to Aspen — that’s when the deal was put together.”

The Alexanders have now retained Isabelle Kirshner of Clayman Rosenberg Kirshner & Linder in Manhattan as their new legal counsel. The information provided in The Post report indicated that Kirshner is known for her adept handling of sensitive legal cases, including negotiating a no-jail plea deal for Manhattan gynecologist Robert Hadden, who was convicted of sex trafficking for luring patients across state lines to sexually abuse them.

The consent to change lawyers in the Alexanders’ case was officially submitted to the Manhattan court on Monday, court documents show. The Post reported that this change comes as the legal battle intensifies following lawsuits filed under New York’s Adult Survivors Act. The Act temporarily eliminates the statute of limitations for civil sexual assault claims, allowing survivors to seek justice regardless of when the incidents occurred.

The legal troubles for the Alexander brothers began in March when two women, Rebecca Mandel and Kate Whiteman, filed separate lawsuits accusing the twins of rape. Mandel’s lawsuit alleges that she was 18 when the brothers took turns raping her at their Manhattan residence in 2010, as per the information contained in The Post report.  Whiteman’s court filing details an alleged 2012 assault, claiming she was raped by the twins at a castle in the Hamptons on Long Island.

Since the initial lawsuits, nearly 30 more women have come forward with similar accusations against the Alexander brothers. The Post reported that according to the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, these new claims further complicate the case and underscore the severity of the allegations.

In response to the allegations, Oren Alexander announced his departure from Official, the brokerage firm he co-founded with his brother Tal. The report in The Post said that the company is taking further steps to distance itself from Oren, with senior partners Nicole Oge, Richard Jordan, and Andrew Wachtfogel severing ties with him. The firm is currently in the process of removing him from ownership, signaling a clear attempt to protect its reputation amidst the ongoing scandal.


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