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Palestinian terrorists murder Israeli man, 66, in West Bank town

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(i24) Tensions have escalated in Qalqilya, a Palestinian Authority territory, following the fatal shooting of an Israeli man in his car on Saturday morning. Later in the day Israeli military sources confirmed that the incident represented a terrorist attack.

The victim, identified as a 67-year-old resident from central Israel, succumbed to gunshot wounds before his body was transferred to Israel by the Red Crescent, Palestinian security sources confirmed.


Amnon Mukhtar, 67 years old from Petah Tikva, has been named as the Israeli who was shot dead earlier on Saturday in Qalqiliya.

Mukhtar is survived by five children, one of whom celebrated his wedding just two months ago. He also owned a vegetable stand in the Petah Tikva market.

Nir, Mukhtar’s son, said, “He was an amazing father and grandfather. He was a righteous man who was murdered by terrorists. It’s obvious to us that this was a terror attack.”

Shortly after the incident, a significant deployment of IDF forces entered Qalqilya to assess the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Following the shooting, unidentified assailants set fire to the victim’s vehicle, which had already been evacuated from the scene after initial medical aid at Qalqilya Government Hospital. Civil administration officers facilitated his transfer to a Magen David Adom ambulance, where he was pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

AFP / Jaafar Ashtiyeh

Israeli border guards check a driver near the Palestinian town of Qalqilya in the occupied West BankAFP / Jaafar Ashtiyeh

This incident follows closely on the heels of a separate security operation in Qalqilya, where Israeli police announced the death of two wanted Palestinians identified as members of the Islamic Jihad terror group. The raid, conducted a day prior to the shooting, underscores the ongoing security challenges and tensions prevailing in the area.

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