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OPINION: It’s Time To Defund Alvin Bragg’s Office

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By Rep. Andy Biggs 

I was recently asked whether I thought that Juan Merchan, the tainted judge who presided over the kangaroo court in New York City against President Donald Trump, might put President Trump in jail.

Let’s contextualize this whole thing. There is not a Democrat in Congress, a leftist in the media or education, or in the Biden administration who can speak a sentence without saying the name, “Trump.” President Trump lives in their heads. He owns them.

The Swamp, D.C. Cartel, Establishment — or whatever you call it — corruptly controlled the government before Donald Trump became candidate Trump, and after he became President Trump. It is real. President Trump, nee candidate Trump, promised to drain, eradicate, attack and defeat the Swamp.

After fighting the D.C. phonies for two years President Trump acknowledged that the Swamp was deeper and wider than even he thought. Turns out that when the D.C. Cartel’s power and wealth is jeopardized, they fight back.

The total picture is like this: Leftists like Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi seem ok with putting President Trump’s person, his family and followers into physical jeopardy.

Consider his bill to take away President Trump’s security detail. How insane is that? Do you think for a second that someone who wants to expose Trump to physical danger would not be pleased to see President Trump in jail or prison?

Crazy Biden administration Lefties and their accomplices in the media and judiciary have engaged in an unprecedented exercise of lawfare to try and bankrupt President Trump.

First is the claim of sexual assault by the demented woman who can’t remember when or where or how the assault took place. In another bizarro trial in Manhattan a jury awarded her tens of millions of dollars in an effort to bankrupt Trump.

Letitia James, sought to seize Trump assets and close his family’s business operations in New York City because she campaigned on that malevolent platform.

The multitude of lawsuits have also cost President Trump millions of dollars to defend himself against spurious and specious legal claims.

Do you think that those who want to take away all of the president’s and his family’s possessions would not want to see him go to jail or prison?

And consider a judge who donates, no matter how small, to President Joe Biden, or who has made statements against President Trump on social media, or has a daughter who has raised millions for the Socialist Democrats who politically attack Trump, or who raises money on the trial of Trump — showing pictures of Trump behind bars to entice donors — and raises money on the conviction of Trump for her client Adam Schiff, would have any qualms about putting Trump in jail or prison?

This is a judge who destroyed the concept of unanimity in a criminal verdict and whose jury instructions were a congeries of confusion designed to convict.

You know he has a personal animus and political antipathy toward Trump.

Or what about the prosecutor himself, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who ran on the platform of prosecuting Trump, and who could not then or now describe what criminal offenses President Trump committed. This Alvin Bragg who, along with other federal agencies, refused to prosecute Trump until the former number three at the Department of Justice came to Bragg’s office at the insistence of President Biden in order to inspire Bragg to bring the bogus criminal charges.

Do you think Bragg has any hesitation in putting Trump in jail or prison?

I answered the question of whether Trump might face jail or prison with an immediate yes.

The media is corrupt. The judge is corrupt. The prosecutor is corrupt. Deranged Members of Congress want to expose him to radical Trump-haters. And the Left wants to destroy Trump, his family and his supporters.

Congress must use the purse strings to bring this out-of-control weaponized government under control, ASAP.

The Speaker should bring the ALVIN Act to the floor for a vote, which would remove federal funds from the woeful Alvin Bragg office.

Rep. Andy Biggs represents Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. From 2019-2021, he served as chair of the House Freedom Caucus. He currently serves on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and the House Judiciary Committee, where he chairs the Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance.

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