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Letters to the Editor

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The Insanity of the UN

Dear Editor:

UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, is demonstrating once again the insanity of the United Nations.

The UN is the epicenter of evil in the world. It is made up of 193 states, only 33 of which are true democracies. There are 56 Islamic states and one Jewish state. There are 100 Muslims for every Jew in the world. The balance of power in a dysfunctional UN is decidedly on the side of the Islamists and the corrupt. Why, after all these years of Western handouts, are so many states still in poverty?

The UN was founded to promote human rights, peace, security and development. It has failed.

The UN is systemically antisemitic and psychopathically envious of the success of Western societies. Rather than building up their own communities with hard work and honest administrations, the only way for many entities to gain equity is to steal. They build themselves up by tearing others down

There are more UNGA resolutions against Israel than all other states combined. Surely, anyone can see this is pure racism.

Guterres is from Portugal, a state whose population is the same as Israel’s. Its GNP is $72 billion. Israel’s is $527 billion. Israel’s per-capita GNP exceeds that of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK.

Prior to Oct. 7, 2023, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians had well-paying jobs in Israel. Some worked in the towns and farms near the Gaza border, where many peaceniks chose to live.

Rather than learn the habits of their employers, they followed the teachings of Hamas and UNRWA. They collected intelligence used by the Hamas terrorists. They joined in, raping, looting and killing men, woman and children. After murdering 1,200, they dragged 240 hostages into the dank tunnels under Gaza. They celebrated as news of their exploits hit the streets and hostages were paraded through the towns.

Now, the UN is equating Israel with these savages. Israel and the West are pouring provisions into the Strip. Hamas has earned over half a billion dollars selling stolen aid on the black market. There is no starvation.

Arabs in Gaza and the PA have killed the goose that laid the golden eggs. If they want better jobs and lives, they will have to look to their brothers in the OIC.

Israel distrusts them. Arab states don’t want them. Europe and North America seem to be the only ones welcoming them.

Good luck with that.

Len Bennett, Author of ‘Unfinished Work’
Deerfield Beach, Fl.


Closing the Southern Border

Dear Editor:

Did Glinda, the Good Witch tell President Biden that he had the power to close the border all along. Three years, six months later, there have been there have been over 8 million migrant nationwide encounters at the border. This does not include 1.7 million plus known gotaways They are illegal immigrants who evaded the Border Patrol and are now living in all fifty states without documentation and never having undergone any vetting by immigration officials. Biden’s action under his watch is too little too late.

Larry Penner


Demand the Whole Truth about JStreet

Dear Editor:

You reported, some weeks ago, the discovery of emails showing that officials of the leftwing group “J Street” thanked State Department officials for giving them an “open door.” Well, I want to know how “open” that door is. Are J Street’s leaders playing a role in orchestrating Biden’s pressure on Israel? When will we finally learn the whole truth about the influence that J Street has in this administration and its tilt against Israel?

Moshe Kupperberg


Two State Solution = 9 Miles Wide

Dear Editor:

You have been reporting for years how the State Department and the Jewish left are demanding a “two state solution.” That’s a clever little slogan because it hides what the borders of the Palestinian state would be. If they said openly what those borders would be, very few Israelis or American Jews would support it.

I think from now on, when the media report somebody calling for “a two-state solution,” they should then add the words, “meaning that Israel would return to being nine miles wide.” Because that’s the bitter truth— “two state solution” actually “Nine Miles Wide” solution. We should be open about what it means, and then the Jewish public can decide whether it supports that “solution.”

Shimon Mandelblatt


The Absurdity of Releasing Live Terrorists

Dear Editor:

I think it’s ridiculous that Israel is expected to release live terrorists in exchange for the dead bodies for Israelis. I have every sympathy for the families of the dead hostages, but the idea that other Israelis’ lives should be endangered—through the release of live terrorists — just in order to recover corpses is absurd.

Yechezkel Goldblum


Doesn’t Trust Biden When it Comes to Israel

Dear Editor:

A big thank you to The Jewish Voice for all of your superlative reporting on the controversies over U.S.-Israel relations. I particularly enjoy the thorough reportage provided by Fern Sidman and the rest of the news writing staff at your publication as the articles you present your readers always keep me informed.

I find it hard to believe that President Biden was telling the truth when he called his ceasefire proposal “an Israeli proposal.” If it was really an Israeli proposal, why does he keep demanding that Israel accept it? And what kind of “negotiation” is it when you make your offers public? Negotiations are supposed to take place behind closed doors, not in the columns of the New York TImes. Sorry, but I just don’t trust President Biden when it comes to Israel.

Nellie Geinert
Boro Park

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