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Jon Stewart Mocks Joe Biden’s Malfunction at G7: ‘Staring at What Can Only Be Considered Ghosts’

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By David Ng(Breitbart)

Comedian Jon Stewart made fun of President Joe Biden’s malfunction at the recent G7 conference, saying it looked like Biden was “staring at what can only be considered ghosts or out-of-frame paratroopers.”

On Monday’s episode of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart played the viral clip of Biden randomly wandering off on his own at the G7 summit, only for Italy’s Giorgia Meloni to gently guide him back to the press fold.

Stewart said it was like Biden was “staring at what can only be considered ghosts or out-of-frame paratroopers.”

“And then, when he’s pulled back into frame, somehow giving the impression someone has quantum-leaped into his body,” Stewart said, referring to Biden’s subsequent blank stare.

Stewart then tried to paint Trump  with the same brush — noting that during a recent speech, Trump mistakenly referred to Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) as “Ronny Johnson.”

The Daily Show didn’t play the viral clip from Biden’s Hollywood fundraiser where former President Barack Obama had to guide Biden by the hand in order to exit the stage.

Democrats and their media allies are scrambling to downplay mounting evidence of Biden’s cognitive decline as his poll numbers continue to languish at record lows less than six months ahead of the election.

Biden spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre even described the viral clips of Biden as “cheap fake” videos, when in fact, they are real.

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