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Celebrity Stylist Who Attacked Chelsea Rabbi Taken Into Custody After Video Went Viral

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Celebrity Stylist Who Attacked Chelsea Rabbi Taken Into Custody After Video Went Viral

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In a shocking incident that unfolded outside the Chelsea Hotel in Manhattan, Aleksander Janik, a well-known personal shopper with a high-profile client list, was taken into custody following an altercation with Rabbi Chezky Wolff, as was previously reported by The New York Post. The confrontation, captured on video, quickly escalated into a physical assault that has drawn significant attention and controversy.

The altercation began on Tuesday night when Rabbi Wolff requested Janik to leash his dog, Hudson, which had wandered near the open doors of the Chelsea Shul where Wolff works. The seemingly mundane request sparked a heated dispute. The Post reported that according to Wolff, Janik responded with an anti-Semitic tirade, accusing him of making derogatory remarks about “dirty Jews.” Janik, however, vehemently denied these accusations, asserting that his mother was Jewish and that he harbors no anti-Semitic sentiments.

The situation rapidly deteriorated, culminating in Janik striking Wolff with a heavy tote bag. The video footage shows Janik bashing Wolff on the head, causing his glasses and yarmulke to fly off. As per The Post report, despite the clear evidence of the physical assault, Janik downplayed the severity of his actions, describing the incident as merely a “push” with his bag. He claimed he acted in self-defense, feeling threatened by Wolff who he said was following and recording him.

“I protect my dog and myself. A stranger man who’s following me with their phone in my face, I ought to protect myself. I don’t know him,” Janik told The Post. He further denied that his actions were driven by anti-Semitism, insisting that he supports the Jewish community and respects all religions.

The incident has elicited strong reactions from various quarters. Carey London, Wolff’s lawyer and a member of the Chelsea Shul’s congregation, dismissed Janik’s self-defense claims and accused him of lying to cover up his anti-Semitic behavior. “We have no response to an antisemite’s lies. Again — the Jewish people just want peace,” London stated, as was noted in The Post report.

London also noted that the tote bag Janik used appeared to be filled with heavy objects, likely books or a laptop, which left a visible mark on Wolff’s head, the report added. This assertion calls attention to the potential severity of the assault, highlighting the need for a thorough investigation.

Janik’s social media presence paints a picture of a man deeply embedded in the world of glitz and glamour. His Instagram account is replete with images of him at high-profile events, posing with celebrities such as Celine Dion, Rihanna, Brooke Shields, and even New York City Mayor Eric Adams, The Post report revealed .The account opens with the word “Ubuntu,” an ancient African term meaning “humanity to others.” This ironic juxtaposition between his public persona and the violent act captured on video has not gone unnoticed by the public and media alike, The Post report noted.

As of early Friday afternoon, Janik had not been formally charged. The incident raises critical questions about public behavior, accountability, and the societal undercurrents of discrimination and violence. While Janik maintains his innocence and claims the anti-Semitic assault was a defensive act, the video evidence and Rabbi Wolff’s account suggest a different narrative.

The case will likely proceed through the legal system, where all evidence will be scrutinized to determine the truth and ensure justice is served. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the persistent issues of anti-Semitism and violence that continue to plague society, and the need for ongoing dialogue and action to address these deep-seated problems.

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