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Bklyn Political Firebrand Heshy Tischler in Hot Water Over Alleged Bribe

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Bklyn Political Firebrand Heshy Tischler in Hot Water Over Alleged Bribe

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Harold “Heshy” Tischler, a notorious political firebrand and candidate for City Council in Brooklyn, has found himself in a controversial situation after being caught on video offering what appears to be a bribe to an FDNY inspector, according to a recently published article in The New York Post. The incident, which took place on April 17, has sparked an investigation by the city’s Department of Investigation (DOI) and brought additional scrutiny to Tischler’s unorthodox methods and political tactics.

The controversy erupted at 960 East Third Street in the Midwood section of Brooklyn where FDNY Fire Safety Inspector Mateo Galloza arrived to investigate complaints about the alleged misuse of a propane tank. The property, owned by the Goldberger family, is at the center of a heated property-line dispute with their neighbors, the Onefater family, over claims of illegal construction, according to the information provided in The Post report. Tischler, who runs a business on Foster Avenue that assists construction contractors in obtaining city permits and avoiding fines, is actively supporting the Onefaters in this dispute.

During the inspection, Tischler was filmed by Hershey Goldberger, whose family owns the disputed property, offering Inspector Galloza “the best corned beef and pastrami sandwiches on the planet,” from Essen New York Deli on Coney Island Avenue. The Post reported that the exchange, though light-hearted, is potentially problematic. Galloza, who started his $52,070-a-year job in October, responded positively to the offer, joking, “If you’re paying, I’m there, whatever. So it don’t matter to me.” Tischler added, “I’ll even throw in a soda,” to which Galloza shouted, “That’s it!” Tischler further sweetened the deal by promising pickles, cucumbers, and Coke. This nearly three-minute video was subsequently handed over to the DOI by Goldberger, who requested an investigation into whether Tischler’s offer constituted a bribe.

The DOI, upon receiving the video, requested additional information from Goldberger to further assess the situation. The email chain reviewed by The Post indicates that the investigation is ongoing and aims to determine if Tischler’s culinary offer was an attempt to influence the inspector’s actions.

Tischler, a well-known figure in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, where he acts as an “expediter” for city permits and fines, has denied any wrongdoing. He maintains that his offer was a harmless gesture of goodwill and not an attempt to bribe the inspector. Indicated in the Post report was that Tischler asserted that he is assisting the Onefaters pro bono and expressed his hope that the dispute between Goldberger’s stepfather, Abe Friedman, and the Onefaters is resolved amicably.

This incident is not the first time Tischler has found himself in the spotlight for contentious reasons. Known for his fiery rhetoric and confrontational style, Tischler has built a reputation as a vocal advocate for his community, often employing unconventional methods to achieve his goals, as was explained in The Post report. His political career has been marked by similar incidents, where his actions have drawn both support and criticism from various quarters.

The offer of food to a public official, especially in the context of an ongoing investigation, raises significant ethical and legal questions. Bribery, defined as offering something of value to influence a public official’s actions, is a serious offense, the Post report suggested. Whether Tischler’s actions meet the legal criteria for bribery will depend on the investigation’s findings and the interpretation of his intent.

The incident has sparked a variety of reactions within the community. Supporters of Tischler argue that the offer was an innocent attempt at hospitality, reflecting cultural norms rather than an illicit bribe. Critics, however, see it as another example of Tischler’s disregard for proper conduct and the rule of law.

According to city regulations, offering a meal can be considered “something of value,” which qualifies as a potential bribe. If the Department of Investigation (DOI) determines wrongdoing, the case could be referred to local prosecutors and the city’s Conflicts of Interest Board, as was reported by The Post. The penalties could include fines up to $25,000, and Galloza could face suspension or termination from his position.

The DOI has acknowledged awareness of the incident but has declined further comment while the investigation is ongoing, the Post reported. Similarly, an FDNY spokesperson confirmed that the incident is under investigation but did not provide additional details.

Tischler’s involvement with the Onefater family, in this case, highlights his role in navigating complex local issues. The report in The Post indicated that Ken Fisher, the lawyer representing the Onefaters, has distanced his clients from Tischler’s actions, stating that they had nothing to do with the meal offer.

The ethical implications of this incident extend beyond the legal definitions of bribery. Public officials and inspectors are expected to perform their duties impartially and without influence. Even seemingly minor offers of hospitality can undermine public trust and raise questions about the integrity of inspections and enforcement actions.

Tischler’s recent confrontation with a Post reporter has once again placed him under public scrutiny. Thr The report in the Post said that this incident comes as Tischler prepares to run as a Republican candidate in the upcoming election to replace term-limited Councilman Kalman Yeger in the 44th District, representing Borough Park, Midwood, and other parts of southwest Brooklyn.

The latest controversy unfolded on Thursday when Tischler, 60, was approached by a reporter from the New York Post about a video that had surfaced. Noted in The Post report was that in a heated exchange, Tischler pulled out his smartphone, recording the confrontation while repeatedly questioning the reporter’s intelligence and insinuating about their sexuality. The Post reported that the nearly eight-minute rant was filled with derogatory comments, culminating in Tischler threatening to broadcast the footage on his conservative radio show, which he hosts on Facebook and YouTube. Surrounded by retired police officers working security for the Onefaters, Tischler’s outburst was both aggressive and unprovoked.

In a stark contrast to his fiery demeanor during the incident, a more contrite Tischler called the reporter the following day to apologize for his remarks. He emphasized that his actions were not meant to bribe Galloza, a local official, but were part of his longstanding tradition of buying food for city workers, including police officers, to show appreciation for their service, as was indicated in The Post report.  Tischler expressed his willingness to welcome any investigation by the Department of Investigation (DOI) into his actions, maintaining his innocence in the face of the accusations.

Tischler’s apology, however, is unlikely to erase his checkered past from public memory. In October 2020, Tischler pleaded guilty to inciting a riot during a protest in Borough Park over COVID-19 mandates. The Post said that he urged his supporters to attack a reporter from the Jewish Insider, leading to widespread condemnation and legal repercussions. This incident is one of many in Tischler’s history of confrontations and legal troubles.

In 2013, Tischler was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison for his involvement in a fraud scheme. He had promised jobs to immigrants at bogus companies, exploiting vulnerable individuals and further tarnishing his reputation, according to the Post report. These past transgressions have continually cast a shadow over Tischler’s political ambitions and public image.

The reaction to Tischler’s recent outburst has been swift and varied. Goldberger, a local community leader, expressed disappointment over Tischler’s behavior, highlighting the negative impact such actions have on public trust and political discourse. The Fire Department, where Galloza is employed, has yet to respond to inquiries regarding the incident, leaving many questions unanswered.

As Tischler gears up for his campaign to represent the 44th District, these controversies could play a significant role in shaping public opinion and voter sentiment. While his supporters may view him as a champion of their values, his detractors are likely to see his actions as emblematic of a troubling pattern of behavior unfit for public office.



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