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WATCH “Top Story” with Jonathan Tobin: Candace Owens normalizes antisemitism

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(JNS) The hatemongers and hucksters seeking to divide the black and Jewish communities by spreading antisemitism are doing enormous harm to both communities. JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin stated that the willingness of right-wing talk-show host Candace Owens to traffic in stereotypes and smears about Jews illustrates how antisemitism can adapt itself to a variety of toxic ideologies.

He’s joined by Dumisani Washington, the founder and CEO of the Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel, who points out that Owens’s willingness to engage in antisemitism and to apologize for others, like Kanye West, who spread hate only serves to normalize it.

Washington is especially concerned by those who spread antisemitism while proclaiming their identity as Christians, as Owens does. But he also points out that this misrepresents the position of most African-Americans, even though the mainstream media highlights the views of those black pastors who embrace lies about Israel and the war against Hamas.

The pro-Israel pastor asserts that notorious demagogue Louis Farrakhan’s influence extends far beyond those who attend Nation of Islam mosques. Washington says Farrakhan has exploited African-American worries about their communities to spread hatred against Jews. The same can be said for the black members of the left-wing congressional “Squad” who ignore the needs of their constituents to attack Israel and the Jews. Although they claim to speak for their communities, the black community tends to remain uninterested in their ideological agenda.

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